Review by Gilda_Octavo -- Guardian of Deceit

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Latest Review: Guardian of Deceit by William H. Coles

Review by Gilda_Octavo -- Guardian of Deceit

Post by Gilda_Octavo » 08 Aug 2018, 05:57

[Following is a volunteer review of "Guardian of Deceit" by William H. Coles.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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Guardian of Deceit is a story that revolves around the struggles of an orphan boy named Darwin Hastings. upon the death of his parents due to a vehicular accident, he was ushered to live with his aunt and became his guardian. Darwin was made to live with her for a while and later asked to go to New York to find and live with his cousin Luther Pinnelli, a famous football player to whom Darwin’s trust fund had been entrusted.

Darwin should have lived a comfortable life with the amount under Luther’s care but was made to work his way to college instead, and with a hard earned money on his pocket. the boy was treated as an outsider in Luther’s mansion, he was given a small room to stay in the house despite the many big rooms available. the atmosphere was not too pleasant, there was no regular meeting with his cousin, and were it not for the house manager, the drivers and his granny as company, he must have been on his own.

The story will pull you to the end in anticipation of what Darwin would become considering his determination to be a doctor like his deceased father. The plot is likened to a roller coaster ride in a slower pace because there are abrupt twists and turns that will get you discouraged once you get there. Nevertheless, I like how Darwin’s character was developed which I am sure will engender sympathy from the thing that I was frustrated about, is the final event which left me hanging, because all the while I was thinking of a grand happy ending.

The presence of unnecessary characters in the likes of Mrs. Thomas daughter, the English tutor, Helen’s sister, even that of Luther’s girl Sweeny, did not make so much any significant changes in the direction of the story. I was angered though with Luther’s character which I realized that the author indeed developed a realistic antagonist in Luther’s personality. Darwin’s love life is also quite boring and cold.

The story is obviously a work of a writing savvy. The author was able to make the theme overwhelmingly diffused to every scene. I like the eloquent and clean writing style of the author. I did not also find major grammar errors as I was to engrossed to reading the story but only to find myself halted with the change of events at a short notice.

I chose the book upon first glance because it interests me to know how deception is demonstrated in the plot of the story and I feel contented in knowing that it is all over in the major events, however, I cannot give a perfect rating, I can only give 3 out of 4 stars because in totality the story fell short of depths because there are various circumstances that need to be given emphasis on.

I would like to recommend this book to be considered by those with a liking of a light drama and those comfortable with a slight touch of romance.

Guardian of Deceit
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Post by gingzkieging » 10 Aug 2018, 08:19

I Like the review, i was just thinking if i will continue to read the story or not. I hope that the main character of the story could experience more drama and romance. That could excites me much..

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Post by Espie » 28 Aug 2018, 20:46

Thank you for your honest review. It's good that you've found both the author's writing style and the book's editing noteworthy, despite the piece's failure to meet all of your expectations.
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