Featured Official Review: Man Mission by Eytan Uliel [January 2020 Book of the Month]

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Re: Featured Official Review: Man Mission by Eytan Uliel [January 2020 Book of the Month]

Post by Candiew »

I'm having trouble deciding weather or not I want to read this. The plot doesn't grab me. I think this would be well suited for the reader who likes a leisurely afternoon read. A reader who doesn't require a suspenseful thriller such as myself.

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Post by sanjus »

Quite interesting fiction story about the discovery of beautiful places in the world, which one can see through the adventure tour of four friends is nicely presented in the book "Man Mission" by Eytan Uliel. The story follows the thrilling experience of the four friends with the bouts of occurrences in their lives during the tour. This book appears to be quite entertaining.
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Post by AvidBibliophile »

Rejuvenative rediscovery and dynamic international adventures among friends?! Sounds like a ticket to locales with priceless memories.

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Post by FEislandqueen13 »

Refreshing! :o
I've always wanted to travel the world by myself but Man Mission has opened my eyes to the exhilarating, fulfilling adventure that springs from sharing time and dreams with the ones you love. I appreciate family trips even more now. Nice review! :tiphat: :tiphat: :tiphat:

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Post by timur777 »

It is a fascinating book narrating about 4 friends travelling together around the world. The book is full of joy and surprises. I do recommend and believe you will enjoy reading it!

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Post by Cruisemomma »

Sounds like an interesting story. Not many folks are able to maintain young relationships especially after beginning careers, family, and events that take hold of us. Thanks for the review.

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Post by pshaw1414 »

I am terrified of traveling abroad, but I love exploring new places. I feel like this book would make me want to schedule a new adventure. This sounds like a fun read.

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Post by Tam_R0se »

Judging from this review and the sample pages, the book will be an engaging read. There are promises of adventure, humor, and insights into the male thought process. I enjoy the thought of camaraderie and macho attitude in the Man Mission adventures.

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Post by Blah 775243 »

The banter between the fellows is quite entertaining and very relatable. The dream of going away is one I believe everyone has. I love how Sam is so familiar as if he were my friend. It reads as if he's there recounting the whole adventure. Its wonderfully written and I will definatly look for it next time I buy books.

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Post by chelhack »

This book sounds like something many people will be able to relate to via the relationship bonds formed in one's life over the course of years.
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Post by Shrabastee »

I can already sense the thrill the trips to the exotic places are going to offer. I love such books and will definitely read this one. Thanks for the amazing review!

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Post by TheTrueNyree »

I think it's a positive story about friendship. Although each of the friends have become men Nd have their own lives they came to gether after years apart and went traveling together. That's like what we do today men I know have men trips once a year to regroup and fellowship. Something I would like to do with my close girlfriends. Sounds like they had many adventures together. I dont this one is for me, but congratulations on BOTD.

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Post by Ivazzo29 »

It seems like an adventurous story. I will definitely give it a try!

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Post by ellieonline03 »

Oh, that's interesting! Four friends get together to have fun once in a while. I can imagine how wonderful and hilarious their trips must have been.
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Post by Pearl Hijabi »

Four guys continuing the ritual they started long back and travelling the world is a nice plot to explore. Especially this book would be loved by people who love to travel and explore as this covers a few exotic places. This definitely goes to my list.thank you for a great review.

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