Featured Official Review: Man Mission by Eytan Uliel [January 2020 Book of the Month]

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Brendan Donaghy
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Re: Featured Official Review: Man Mission by Eytan Uliel [January 2020 Book of the Month]

Post by Brendan Donaghy »

I still haven't managed to get reading this one yet, even though I really like the sound of it. :(

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diana lowery
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Post by diana lowery »

Based on your review, I downloaded this book on audible. I normally prefer to read rather than listen, but Man Mission sounds like one that might work out for me. I like travel stories and stories about people's lives. Thank you for motivating me to give this a try. I hope the audible narrator is able to capture the humor that you mentioned.

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Post by David+Hubbell »

This is very thoughtful review. Men on adventures isn't a topic I find particularly interesting. Again, thanks for an excellent review.

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Post by Reviewer15 »

After reading the review I am excited to read the the book and under go the travel adventure.
I would like to enjoy the adventure through the narration group of friends.
Hoping that this book would be give me my next travel destination.
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Post by ea_anthony »

I really want to travel more and especially in this year 2020. This looks like an interesting read and should give one an idea of adventures and travel destinations. Nice review by the way and not a bad choice for January BOTM
Ignorance promotes divisiveness, knowledge encourages diversity. :techie-studyingbrown:

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Post by Cheshire_wolf »

Okay at first I thought this was going to be some sort of space mission novel, but when I read this review I found out my first assumption was WAY off. Gotta say though I'm pleasantly pleased that it's a book right up my alley, I love to travel! A book about going to different places and experiencing new things.... just wow. I cant wait to review this book after the one I have now. :D
Thank you for such an amazing review.
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Post by jerrypru »

First, I love how after such a long time, Sam and his long lost friend reunite. Secondly, I love how the two friends travel together on different adventures to different places, especially because I myself love traveling, and are later joined by their two friends, Daniel and Alex. It is incredible how the four men manage to go through adventures even though some bring forth pain to them. This is great BOTM for January.

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Post by tsic »

Jessacardinal wrote:
28 Jan 2019, 13:56
I have a feeling this book would make me want to travel the world!
Exactly my feeling too. Man Mission by Eytan Uliel is a well thought out book which exemplifies the value of friendship and appreciation of beautiful places the world has to offer. Reading this book will most definitely rekindle the desire to explore beautiful places near and far
"A book is a version of the world. If you do not like it, ignore it; or offer your own version in return.”
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Nyambura Githui
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Post by Nyambura Githui »

Seems like quite the experience the four men have. Interesting story, it makes me really want to travel. Great review.

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Post by Tobewankenobe »

I wasn't initially excited about reading this one. Although I like travel books I've been more interested in those that feature women. Knowing that this book has a more character driven plot helps. Great review, thank you!

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Post by Lizzieitalia »

You have nicely portrayed this book, which sounds enticing for anyone who loves to travel and learn about the world (me!). It sounds like it also explores some interesting topics in life in an effective way. I look forward to reading it, thanks for the clear review.

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Hershey Santos
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Post by Hershey Santos »

Your review gave me goosebumps when you mentioned that they started their trip in New Zealand. I have this great desire to visit there and it makes me excited to find out what adventures the four friends have come across with. This book seem so exciting. I want it!

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Clemens Nickleby
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Post by Clemens Nickleby »

Travelogue memoirs can be a mini-vacation for the reader. This one sounds like no exception and I may have to join these men on their mission and read the book. At any rate, I enjoyed reading the review!
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Post by Gacau »

Lizzieitalia wrote:
23 Jan 2020, 21:01
You have nicely portrayed this book, which sounds enticing for anyone who loves to travel and learn about the world (me!). It sounds like it also explores some interesting topics in life in an effective way. I look forward to reading it, thanks for the clear review.
Yea sure; it's a niice read for Adventure lovers and also all those who love to explore issues of life.

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Post by QueenShorty »

When I first saw the cover, I was not quite interested. After reading your review it does not seem too bad of a read. Thank you

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