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Review by angel2018 -- Randy your service

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[Following is a volunteer review of "Randy your service" by Shay Carter.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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As a parent it could be frustrating to have a delinquent child who seems not to conform to the norms and standards you have placed for the family. This is the story of John and Majorie second son Randy Love. I would rate this book 3 out of 4 stars. This is because it is an eye opener to parents as to the varied natures of each child they have. This goes a long way to point out the fact that each child is unique and the same strategy for parenting may not work for all three or four children in a family.

‘John’s greatest worry was that his youngest would end up bumming around the world for the rest of his life running from countless illegitimate children and their mothers!’’ Having a child with this kind of destination could bring a parent to his/her wits end, having tried all you could to make a child responsible for himself or herself and for the society.

The first child Heather is an Architect while the second is a Lawyer, John wanted Randy to follow in the footsteps of his siblings, he tried to encourage him to go back to school and complete is education but Randy had not told his father the whole truth. He had neglected to mention one tiny technical detail and that was that that he had not actually passed his second year, and if he was to continue with his degree he would need to re sit two thirds of his end –of –year exams. The reason why he failed was that Randy had bunked a lot of classes, particularly if it had been a nice day choosing instead to spend the time on the beach with his friends. This is a true picture of what happens in most homes sometimes we discover that children in homes could be facing a great danger in their lives but they are not forth coming as to the true nature of the circumstances they are facing.

Furthermore I like the way the author Shay Carter rendered Randy’s experience at the Stanford Building Society as a Counter Clerk. One of the things that caught my attention was the fact that you had to ‘look like you were busy. This meant that trying to balance a pencil on your nose or reading the paper was out of the question. Yawning was also a big no no, and absolutely no sleeping on the job.’ Randy’s way of handling the situation was superb: he had developed a jaw movement that allowed him to yawn while looking like he was struggling with a math problem’.

There are other things I enjoyed in the book which I may not all state in this review such as Randy’s experiences at London, his squabbles with his landlord, the overt way in which women were attracted to him, all these makes the book an interesting read. The author has a way of painting the picture of each part of the story with vividness which is very good. I sincerely recommend this book for others to read.

Randy your service
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