Official Review: Grinder Hill by C.D. Shelton

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Official Review: Grinder Hill by C.D. Shelton

Post by EmunahAn » 11 May 2018, 06:50

[Following is an official review of "Grinder Hill" by C.D. Shelton.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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The words focused, resolute and level-headed could definitely define William Bobbitt, a youthful young man whose goal in life is to live better and not just settle for average. Unfortunately, his life is not as exhilarating as he would have wanted it to be owing to his weight. Categorised as obese, William, mostly known as Billy Bob, is limited in his choices. For starters, his crush Joyce Tilly does not seem to even notice him. She seems happy and content in the arms of Joe Brett, the class bully. He can only hope that one day he will master the courage and approach her.

Everything changes when Billy Bob meets his long-time friend, Tommy Suzuki. Tommy like Billy, was once overweight. When Billy Bob meets him again, he is surprised by how much weight his friend has lost. It is then that Tommy reveals his experiences while attending a Dr. Fugita’s seminars. Billy Bob joins his friend in these seminars and takes up cycling. This marks the start of a new life of opportunities. He starts paying attention to his diet and with time, he witnesses the results. Joe Brett, on the other hand, is not too happy with Billy Bob’s progress and he is not ready to sit around and watch him succeed.

Grinder Hill by C.D. Shelton chronicles the life of Billy Bob, highlighting his journey with weight loss and resulting achievements. The author manages to develop the plot while including informative facts about obesity and ways it can be combated. The sub-plots which include other characters such as Joyce Tilly and Joe Brett provide other interesting facets of the book beyond the weight loss information.

I thought the main character’s achievements provided an outlook of possible incentives that would get a reader to lose weight. Billy Bob’s life gradually changes for the better as he loses more weight. Even though his life was meaningful initially, at the end he is able to broaden his viewpoint of life and achieve better health.

Unfortunately, I felt that the antagonist’s position was not well developed. Joe Brett barely appears throughout the plot and beyond his continued loathe for Billy Bob, there is not much that can be said about him.

Grinder Hill also contains too many aspects of repetition in narration. In some instances, the happenings of one scene were retold a couple of times which made the story a bit dull. Still, there are points in the book that contained suspenseful moments, though not many. Overall, the book’s content was educative. I rate it 3 out of 4 stars.

Grinder Hill
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Post by gen_g » 12 May 2018, 01:16

Thanks very much for your review! Sadly it seems like this would be a pass for me, as I am not a fan of flatter characters. I’m sure, with some fine-tuning, it would be much better.

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Post by Sharon serena » 12 May 2018, 05:28

Its not easy dealing with bullies especially if it concerns your weight. personally I had the same problem, people always want to see what they want to see in you neglecting how you feel about yourself. I can relate with this book as Billy Bob don't just sit down waiting for a miracle to happen but going out there doing what is possible to bring back his health. I would love to read how he did it. Thanks for the detailed review.

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Post by cpru68 » 12 May 2018, 08:00

This book sounds more like non-fiction than fiction as if the author has first hand knowledge of peer pressure and not being accepted by ones own crowd. I’m assuming this is high school? Bullying and being unfairly judged seem to go hand and glove at this age, but it sounds like the author is trying to educate the masses on how to change the tide toward better health and standing up for oneself. My question is: why would the main character even want a girl who is already in love with such an awful person? Love is blind. Nice job on this review.
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Post by Libs_Books » 12 May 2018, 12:09

Thanks for your review - for me the educational aspect would just be an added irritant if the rest of the book wasn't that great.

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Post by melissy370 » 12 May 2018, 19:05

I don't think this is my type of book, but I like how it talks about losing weight in a healthy manner. So many times people want to take short cuts. I am curious how the good doctor's seminar helped in this process.

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Post by Laura Ungureanu » 13 May 2018, 05:57

I liked your review very much. The book seems my type, having a little weight problem myself. I am glad it passes a simple weight book and becomes an actual story with interesting characters. Thank you for the review!

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Post by kandscreeley » 13 May 2018, 16:43

I'm unsure about this book. A book completely focused on a boy's weight and the only thing that changes his life is losing weight. I'm just not sure that's the message we should be sending. Thanks for this review though.
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Post by 420waystoreachthesun » 14 May 2018, 09:09

I love repetition in poetry, can't stand it in prose.

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Post by teacherjh » 14 May 2018, 09:56

I think I could relate to many themes in this book.

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Post by Vickie Noel » 14 May 2018, 11:53

I was getting excited with the prospect of some good, old teenage rivalry and drama, but if the antagonist turned out so flat, the drama pretty much dies. I doubt I'd relate much to a story whose theme is totally centered on weight loss, it sounds more like an educational book than other fiction. Thanks for the clarifications.
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Post by isa3030 » 15 May 2018, 05:13

As a reporter at media desk,i have read this book over and over ,i think what make this book unique is it is written from health view,a hand book for people suffering obesity.Grinder Hill written by CD Shelton is a tale of energatic and hopeful yound man William Bobitt aka Billy Bob,Billy had a bright future, to live his life the way it suit him,unfortunately things did work out as supposed due ill health for he was suffering from obesity this encourage his test for different foods.And when he met Timmy Suzuki his trusted friend twice not liking his health situation introduced him to Dr Fugita serminar where he gained sign of recoverying by joining him and taking up cycling.A gallant review,the author perhaps is a medical personel,his use of medical knowledge map him out among his equals,the reviewer frown at his repitation of words and incoherants contained in the story rating it 3-4star,having interest in this book i recomment to clinic,hospital,to crown it all,people suffering the condition like Billy Bob

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Post by NL Hartje » 20 May 2018, 14:15

Too bad about the poorly developed secondary characters. It seems like this book might find an interested following in struggling youth today. Thanks for this review!
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