Review by Ennaia22 -- My Author Is Dead by Michel Bruneau

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Latest Review: My Author Is Dead by Michel Bruneau

Review by Ennaia22 -- My Author Is Dead by Michel Bruneau

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[Following is a volunteer review of "My Author Is Dead" by Michel Bruneau.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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My Author is Dead by Michael Brunue is not a story for the innocents. It is not for the faintest of hearts. I give a score of 3 out of 4 on this story.

While reading the story, it somewhat gives you the question, What scenario was this again?. The plot is twisted and sometimes would leave you to a dead end. It is somewhat a cliffhanging scene. The criminal animal in every person may be enticed to function like, Oww, I get this... I get that.... So it is done that way (with a wolfish grin on the reader).

Literally, I was wondering how that an innocent character, Adam, would be exploring the anatomical differences between a boy and a girl and how it would lead this curiosity an unavoidable danger. The author was bold enough to discuss how a young boy would adventure such a way.

As a reader, I can sense danger always lurking over the main character. This book will question the morality of the reader. It will cause chaos on the mind of the reader on how the characters in the story act.

I sometimes feel the misery of the main character in dealing people with backwards comprehension. Stupid things take over, making people with low level of thinking took themselves as learned even if it is the other way around. The main character’s life was one of unusual events that are happening to other people around the globe. His emotions as how he endures the ordeal and the ridiculous attitude of people surrounding him is heart breaking. The story would stir your way of thinking, as the present scenario in our justice system is very similar to some existing policies. I could feel how the main character revolts on his situation.

There was no justice for him. In fact, it was not also part of their lives to enjoy their right to justice. It is a privilege given to some. How this character would question why him, why would he be in the situation, why on earth would he had been born on that place. There were so many why’s like he is questioning the almighty being the challenges thrown on him.

Because of a person whose perky righteousness is deemed a nightmare to the main character, exoneration from her sight is quite a challenge the latter. Cassandra, as named in this story is a clingy-stubborn person whose main goal is to annoy you and squish out all information against you so she could use it against you. We all have that one person who usually does that and it is maddening.

The story makes you feel rude to the main character’s situation and at the same time would pity him of what have happened to him. Imagine being tried for a simple deed out of curiosity, which deems not to be tried. Also, people whose main purpose in life was to bicker around your story would make your blood boil.

For a simple act out of curiosity, the main character was deemed to have acted as if he murdered some one else. In the eyes of those people, he was a criminal. A name-tag which is not appropriate especially at his age. I feel the emotion of the main character the moment he saw the anatomical differences between their genders free from any parental obstruction. I could feel how the urges in his emotion explode.

Being treated as an outcast is hard. You loss all the people you hold dear and worst is that they do not care of you anymore. I could feel the pangs of ire the main character must have felt.

One must assess oneself before reading this kind of book. However, for those who would want to read such a bold story, this one is for you.

One must be open minded and be ready to embrace the twists in the story.

I congratulate the author for this kind of story. A true plot that holds no boundaries. The audaciousness of this book deserves more than being published.

My Author Is Dead
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