Official Review: Quest to the unknown by Annelies George

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Emie Cuevas
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Official Review: Quest to the unknown by Annelies George

Post by Emie Cuevas » 30 Jan 2018, 02:17

[Following is an official review of "Quest to the unknown" by Annelies George.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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Jessie is a journalist looking for the next big story, when she encounters love in the form of Carlos. Follow her while she chases both the story and the man in Quest to the Unknown, the first book in the Jessie Golden 21st Century Earth series by Annelies George. The book is written in the first person from Jessie’s point of view mostly.

Jessie is a journalist with a business magazine. She is told to attend a press conference held by Carlos Gomez about his recent acquisition. Due to circumstances beyond her control she arrives late, and then she makes a spectacle of herself as she enters the conference room. Instead of getting mad at the interruption as she expected him to be, he says nothing, but later grants her an exclusive interview. This is the start of an unexpected romance.

Jessie is approached by an employee of Carlos’s, and he tells her that Carlos’s Dad has ties to the mafia, and he is trying to ruin the company that Carlos built. Jessie starts to investigate these claims, keeping it from Carlos. She then stumbles across a folder that has an amazing, but incomplete story in it. This gives rise to second investigation, as she tries to find out what happened!

When her first informant dies in an apparent suicide, a second informant appears and collaborates what she has already been told. He also provides new information that alters the course of her investigation. When he is put in a coma shortly after, in an attempted robbery, Jessie gets scared and looks for help from Carlos’s best friend, Ed. Ed says he’ll look into it, and when he contacts her some time later, sounding worried, saying they needed to meet up, she agrees. What has he found out? You’ll have to read it to find out.

These two investigations and Jessie’s romantic life give rise to what looks like three different storylines in one story. These three plots appear to be separate but Annelies weaves them together and produces several overlaps that leave the reader wondering what is really going on. It’s also hard to work out which is the main plot, as I had to keep changing my mind throughout the story as to which plot was the most important. One of the plots has a supernatural element to it, for those readers that like that sort of thing.

I have to say that the ending was a complete surprise to me. I got it completely wrong. Thinking back on it there was clues along the way that when added together show the way, but I failed to make the connection at the time. I love it when this happens. What I didn’t like was the ending. Everything was just starting to make sense, poised to go off into a bright future, when it abruptly ended. The author does include the prologue of book two to whet the reader’s appetite. I think this was a nice touch but unneeded, anyone can tell there is more to this story, and if you aren’t hooked by this point, I doubt the prologue of the second book will change your mind. I am hooked and can’t wait to read the next book.

In this book there are some violent scenes and some sexual scenes, but they are not overly graphic and shouldn’t cause too much problem with sensitive readers. However, there are many grammar mistakes, which sometimes make it difficult to follow the story. This means I can only rate this as 3 out of 4 stars, even though loved the story. I think this book would appeal to anybody who loves thrillers, romance, or even supernatural books. Anybody who wants to read just one book should avoid this!

Quest to the unknown
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Post by kandscreeley » 06 Feb 2018, 16:01

Interesting. Supernatural elements and a mystery that you didn't quite figure out. Definitely sounds like a good read despite the grammatical errors. Thanks for the great information!
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Post by NilabR » 06 Feb 2018, 16:11

Its nice story I have read. It has very critical moments and she played the best roll. Good for reading

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Post by inaramid » 07 Feb 2018, 07:40

Sounds like the plot is well-thought out. I don't think it's for me, though. The grammatical errors alone would put me off, but the concept is certainly interesting.

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Maggie G
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Post by Maggie G » 08 Feb 2018, 22:02

This one sounds like it has elements of romance, mystery, and the supernatural. Thanks for a great review!

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Post by cristinaro » 17 Feb 2018, 11:55

A thriller imbued with romance and supernatural elements and with a sequel to come! :) You made me curious. Thank you for your review.
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Post by prettysmart » 02 Mar 2018, 17:29

Supernatural and love swirl! Awesome review!...will look into this one

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