Official Review: Sister Carrie by William H. Coles

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Re: Official Review: Sister Carrie by William H. Coles

Post by kislany » 07 Dec 2017, 16:12

Great review. I'm not sure I would have picked up this book on my own, but from your review, it really sounds interesting...and unpredictable too.

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Post by micoleon13 » 07 Dec 2017, 16:33

It's very easy for stories to become predictable which can be quite frustrating. I'm glad to see that this was not the case for this book. I'm not a big fan of short stories, so I might have to give this one a miss. Great review

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Post by Kat Kennedy » 07 Dec 2017, 16:36

Great review. I love short stories. It’s my favorite writing and reading form of literature. This sounds like a great story. I love it when I can’t predict the ending!
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Post by Spirit Wandering » 07 Dec 2017, 16:53

Based on the plot description, I was surprised to learn that the novel has an element of mystery and unpredictable intrigue. Thanks for the review.
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Post by BunnySTx » 07 Dec 2017, 17:05

Thanks for the interesting review! You've helped seal my decision to read this book. Was on the fence about it but sounds like a good story.
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Post by pinklover » 07 Dec 2017, 18:02

nice review and it sounds that it is an interesting story, your review makes my guide. thank you very much.
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Post by AA1495 » 07 Dec 2017, 18:18

Sounds like an interesting plot! I'm glad you liked reading it!

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Post by CrescentMoon » 07 Dec 2017, 18:23

This definitely sounds like it would be an emotional heartfelt read. I do think the bond between sisters would be stronger especially in such a sad time with burying their parents. I am curious as to the unpredictability. I like twists and turns so this seems like a good read. Great review!
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Post by Miriam Molina » 07 Dec 2017, 18:43

I totally enjoyed the sample pages. A number of Coles' books have been BOTD and all of them have been rated well. He writes about everyday situations that readers can relate to.

Thanks, CatInTheHat, for this review. Though you mention "unpredictable," I'd say Coles' books are all predictably good.
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Post by jaliper » 07 Dec 2017, 18:51

I am curious what ya mean by unpredictable. I might as well give this a shot to know. Lol. Thanks for the great review

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Post by Buchacha21 » 07 Dec 2017, 18:53

How horrible to lose both your parents! I am intrigued to find out how both these girls cope and I am curious about the "unpredictable" parts. I'm looking forward to reading this book.
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Post by h1st » 07 Dec 2017, 19:18

Read the book based on your review. The story was indeed intriguing. I love books with some artwork and I liked the style of the author. I agree with your rating.

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Post by Emie Cuevas » 07 Dec 2017, 19:24

This sounds like an unusual book. I'm not sure I want to explore teens growing up as I have lots around me to watch, so I'm going to give this one a miss. Thanks for the great review.
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Post by CaitlinGonya » 07 Dec 2017, 19:42

I might try this. Some of the themes are pretty spot on to how I'm currently feeling so connecting with the plot doesn't seem too farfetched.

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Post by 15Beth17 » 07 Dec 2017, 19:42

Sister carrie
It wasnt to bad it seemed to be something i got into but wasnt fond of. I didnt like how it didnt give an example of how many days have passed in some of the situations. I also thought that with the parents dead the girls,mostly the youngest would be in more grieving for a longer period than what it said. I would know because i know someone that is still not at all moved on to the fact their parent is dead.

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