Review of From Creepin 2 Preachin

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Review of From Creepin 2 Preachin

Post by Eziokwu960 »

[Following is an official review of "From Creepin 2 Preachin" by Renee R. White.]
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3 out of 5 stars
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From Creepin 2 Preachin by Renee R. White is a short memoir about a youth who lived recklessly until she encountered God. Renee grew up in a typical small community where everyone knew everyone. She loved to be active and loved the good things in life. She had an attraction to boys who lived wayward lives because of how they took care of her, ignoring the obvious consequences of such relationships. He lived a wayward life and had already had an abortion at the age of 14. All these and more are part of her life, but little did she know that they were just layers. Grab a copy of this book to discover how she discovered and peeled off these layers.
Renee’s story was an emotional one for me. It was emotional because young people today are still making some of the mistakes she made. However, I am glad that Renee can share her story. It will help create awareness and teach these youths so they do not make similar mistakes. The most important thing I learned from this book was how terrible it is to be in a relationship with the wrong person. To avoid giving out spoilers, I will stop here, but I urge you to read and find out.
Content-wise, there was absolutely nothing wrong with this book. The author’s life showed that God is merciful to whoever is ready to receive mercy. However, there were a whole lot of errors in this book. The errors affected the enjoyment and overall quality of the book. Also, some of the stories were not followed chronologically. At some point, the timeline was mixed up. Finally, I feel like the chapters of this book were numerous. Some of the stories that followed each other could have been compiled into one chapter, but they were separated. For instance, I feel like the chapters, UDC and J.O.B., should have been merged since the stories followed each other.
Unfortunately, this book cannot receive a full rating because of these formatting and editing errors. If these errors are fixed, then it is definitely worth a full rating. I rate it 3 out of 5 stars. It was not professionally edited. I recommend it to people who want to make a turn in their lives. Renee’s story is a big motivation.

From Creepin 2 Preachin
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Post by Sandre Lamar »

The book titled "From Creepin 2 Preachin" by Renee R. White is an interesting autobiography of a young girl's journey from a reckless life to finding God. Renee's vivid recounting of her youth in a small, tight-knit community offers a powerful lesson in redemption. The book underscores the importance of making better choices and the transformative power of faith. it's a heartfelt story worth reading.
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I feel that the book touches the heart. In reality, reading a book like "From Creepin 2 Preachin" has many important benefits. This personal story allows you to identify with life's challenges and experiences that you may face at different stages of your life, and learn how to deal with them constructively and meaningfully. Renee's story inspires and motivates you to make positive changes in your life, as well as enhances your awareness of the importance of making the right choices and fostering healthy relationships. This type of book also provides you with an opportunity for introspection into your personal paths and encourages you to contemplate how to achieve positive change in your life and community.
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After reading the review of "From Creepin 2 Preachin" by Renee R. White, it seems like an intriguing memoir that addresses personal growth and redemption. The author's honest storytelling offers valuable lessons for young people, urging them to avoid making similar mistakes. However, the review mentions several editing and formatting errors that hindered the overall quality of the book. Despite these issues, the book appears to have a meaningful message and could be an inspiring read for those seeking personal transformation. I would rate it 3 out of 5 stars. Gripping suspense, kept me guessing eagerly.
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