Official Review: The Spirit of Want by William H. Coles

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Re: Official Review: The Spirit of Want by William H. Coles

Post by inaramid » 29 Nov 2017, 03:59

I consider it a good sign that the contents came across to you, as the reader, as well-researched and realistic. I can't wait to give this a try. Thanks for the review.

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Chloe Johnson
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Post by Chloe Johnson » 29 Nov 2017, 13:57

I have read a novel by Coles before and thoroughly enjoyed it. Perhaps I'll give this a try, too :)

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Post by LivreAmour217 » 30 Nov 2017, 16:22

Sounds like an exciting book, perhaps one of those that could be made into a good movie or miniseries. Great job on this review!
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Post by Tcharlyn » 01 Dec 2017, 19:20

It's a tragic story with complex human relations and a dark side on the religious aspect. I liked the book because of it's touch to reality. Great book.

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Post by Goaldiggergirl » 03 Dec 2017, 11:45

Wow reading this review makes me intrigues more about the book. It's nice if there's a lot of loop holes in the story. So the readers won't be bored.

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Gunnar Ohberg
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Post by Gunnar Ohberg » 07 Dec 2017, 18:39

I've read Coles before, and I know how good he can get when he taps into that Franzen vein. Great and very thorough review, thank you!

Sidenote: the blank pages between chapters might be because every chapter in the novel always starts on an odd numbered page so, depending on what page the last chapter ended, a "filler" page might be necessary for formatting. This is not a completely atypical style of formatting *cue "The More You Know" jingle*.

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Rosemary Wright
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Post by Rosemary Wright » 17 Dec 2017, 14:24

William Coles surely knows how to engage readers with his intriguing books. Good review.

vnod adhikari
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Post by vnod adhikari » 25 Dec 2017, 01:35

This novel is must read for all in the medical profession and for everyone outside too. Thank you for the great review.

Sabina G
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Post by Sabina G » 29 Dec 2017, 00:23

Thanks for the review. When I started reading, I thought "how unconventional this book sounds", but after reading a few more lines, I understood why you rated it 4 out of 4 starts. It indeed sounds engaging.

Thanks for sharing!

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Post by David_92 » 03 Jan 2018, 02:29

A must read . You have explained the book scenario well . I want to know what the Doctor , Lawyer and religious buddy are doing so as to spin my head.

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Post by smayahna » 03 Jan 2018, 20:35

The title of the book seems it is a book for enlightenment, i am a big fan of religious and psychological books. When you said it is not just about faith it intrigues me....i hope there's no too many dramas in this book, it drains me.

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Post by chrstnafd » 07 Jan 2018, 00:31

This book seems interesting and worthy of reading. Would like to check this one. May I know what is his other work? Might want to read it as well. Great review by the way.

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Post by CatInTheHat » 07 Jan 2018, 11:56

chrstnafd wrote:
07 Jan 2018, 00:31
This book seems interesting and worthy of reading. Would like to check this one. May I know what is his other work? Might want to read it as well. Great review by the way.
Coles has several other works. He is one of my favorite authors. I've linked my reviews to some of the books:



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Post by chrstnafd » 08 Jan 2018, 09:12

thank you so much for letting me know!

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Post by N_R » 10 Jan 2018, 02:02

Thanks for this review and introducing me to this author. I love books like this where there are a nice number of story lines weaved in.

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