Official Review: Nut Screws Washer by Geoff Boxer

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Kelebogile Mbangi
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Official Review: Nut Screws Washer by Geoff Boxer

Post by Kelebogile Mbangi » 18 Sep 2017, 06:55

[Following is an official review of "Nut Screws Washer" by Geoff Boxer.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Nut Screws Washer is an entertaining fictional book, and it is set in the late nineteen-fifties. It is written by Geoff Boxer. The book packs a punch with elements of drama and comedy.

George Bonner looks forward to working behind the plumbing counter at Empire Building Supplies. He hopes to learn and to make a positive contribution. He looks uptight and awkward to the existing employees, but they accept him anyway. His boss secretly views him as spineless. Can George turn this around? He works closely with Alf behind the plumbing counter. Alf helps him settle into his new job. George soon discovers that Empire Building Supplies is full of corruption and management is poor. In short, it's a sinking ship.

The relationships between the characters are well developed. Work relationships and personal relationships are explored. I learned about how ethics can affect a person’s professional advancement. I liked that characters with good ethics were eventually rewarded. I found it interesting that it was the little things that tripped up certain employees. They were held back by things that they did not think mattered, like the attitudes that they showed towards people of other races. The personal relationships had me engrossed. Some of those relationships were especially interesting as they sprouted between the least likely of characters. The relationship between George and Alf is one such example. Alf is dishonest and thrives on bribery. George on the other hand believes in honesty. Despite this difference in their characters, the two get along well, their interactions often left me in stitches.

The book is set in London's East End. It introduces it's readers to the various ethnicities that make up the city's population. We are also presented with the prejudices that these groups face. The author gives us a brief background of some of the characters. In most of these backstories, I was able to gain an understanding of how these biases affect and shape people. A recurring theme was anti-Semitism. Sam Gould was one of my favourite characters. He is one of Empire Building Supplies' directors but is often overlooked because of his Jewish background. His determination to make a lasting mark on the company, despite this prejudice, is inspiring!

There is something for everyone in this book. This is largely due to the well-developed supporting characters. These characters face different situations. Some of them face the aftermath of abuse, others face sexual harassment, and others face discrimination. The author uses his omniscient voice well in presenting these situations. They are written in a realistic way that leads to believable characters. A word of caution, this book is not suitable for younger audiences. Cursing is commonplace in the book, and it has a number of explicit scenes.

This fast-paced read deserves nothing less than a perfect 4 out of 4 stars. As mentioned before, it has well-developed characters who find themselves in an array of sticky situations, and it is relatable. I recommend this book for older audiences.

Nut Screws Washer
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Post by MarisaRose » 18 Dec 2017, 06:51

It sounds like the author does a great job of immersing the reader in the setting/time period. Not sure if the overall premise of this one interests me, but I'm glad you liked it so much. Thanks for the review!
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Post by kandscreeley » 18 Dec 2017, 08:27

I do enjoy a book with good characters. I'm glad you enjoyed this one, but it's not really peaking my interest. Thanks for the review, though.
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Post by amybo82 » 18 Dec 2017, 10:49

This review had me hooked right up until the end. I'm not a huge fan of explicit scenes in books. I know that sex sells, but it can sometimes ruin a book for me. I don't think I will be picking up this book, but I really appreciate the reviewer's thoughtful comments and attention to detail!
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Post by ParadoxicalWoman » 19 Dec 2017, 10:14

I'm sold to this book especially the part about working in a company with different races which I find is relatable to me. Thank you for your review.
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Sahani Nimandra
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Post by Sahani Nimandra » 21 Dec 2017, 22:36

This is definitely good for Human Resources, handling employees, understanding their culture and their background is important in HR. Dealing with expatriates one has to have a international approach as a student who is majoring HR this is definite worth recommending and I personally would look forward to this book!
Great book and a excellent review with precise information, thank you!
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Mtsweni Nelsy
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Post by Mtsweni Nelsy » 01 Jan 2018, 08:54

The book sounds amazing and full of wisdom and information. Ethics at work are crucial to be practised, and as a HR student, I think I could learn a thing or two from the book. Thanks for the review.

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