Official Review: Atochi of the Blue Mountain Tribe

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Ren B
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Official Review: Atochi of the Blue Mountain Tribe

Post by Ren B »

[Following is an official review of "Atochi of the Blue Mountain Tribe" by George I. Kidwiler, Jr..]
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3 out of 4 stars
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Atochi of the Blue Mountain Tribe: Chasing the Ghost (Book 1)
George I. Kidwiler Jr. (no publisher data)

Best friends and brothers, Atochi and Daywa hope to soon become warriors. They are members of the Blue Mountain Tribe, one of many smaller tribes that traces its ancestry back to the Tribe. The Tribe was disseminated by its enemies many generations before Atochi and Daywa were born. Both young men are well on their way to becoming warriors. Atochi is already deadly with his handling stick, and despite Daywa’s physical disability, he is the tribe’s best with a bow and arrow. Although the two are actually brothers by choice (Atochi’s birth mother adopted Daywa after he was born), the two share a profound bond and are always together.

Just before they reach the minimum age to become warriors, the two set out on a long trip to hunt and also spend quality time together. During this trip, the young men’s strength, cleverness and perseverance are tested. They will both will learn what fate has in store for them. Atochi of the Blue Mountain Tribe: Chasing the Ghost is an uplifting story about what young individuals can accomplish when their hearts are in the right place and they are surrounded by friends and family.

Through the ventures of these young heroes, Atochi of the Blue Mountain Tribe: Chasing the Ghost addresses the same responsibilities that all individuals must decide whether to implement when transitioning into young adults (i.e. the importance of family, standing up for what is right, respect for all living things). Some of these responsibilities and behaviors are more obvious than others. How a young reader will grasp some of the morals in the story is hard to say, but the life lessons are good. I also enjoyed the role animals played in the story. I remember being a sucker for that as a kid.

Unfortunately, some of the wording is awkward. An example of this is, “I knew I would have to follow [emphasis added] him by following [emphasis added] his trail of blood.” It’s unnecessary repetition. Also, there are a few instances in the book in which the tense changes from present to past midsentence, as well as, incorrect subject-verb agreement. The error that is hardest to get over is the change from first person to third person. An example of this is, “…and we [emphasis added] had cherished her skill all of their [emphasis added] lives.”

I rated this book 3 out of 4 stars because there are several instances where the author switches between first person and third person in the same sentence. It ruins the flow of the story. A little editing would easily make this book 4 out of 4 stars, as far as I’m concerned. Regardless of the errors, this book is good for young readers (circa late elementary school or junior high maybe) who are too old for simple picture books, yet too young for some of the racier material in young-adult literature. As the first installment of the series, I believe the author did an admirable job by not ending in a cliffhanger.

Atochi of the Blue Mountain Tribe
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Post by kjoan »

This review has a good amount of detail. I appreciate the work done by the reveiwer.

I like the fact that the story does not end in a cliffhanger. I think these are misused at times.

An author writes a sketchy story then ends it at an awkward point so that you'll feel obligated to buy another sketchy book in the same series. :x
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Post by Manang Muyang »

Thanks for an insightful review, Ren B! This is appropriate reading for preteens.
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Post by ReviewerDiksha »

Such books always catch my interest. I will surely check it out. Great review.
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Post by kandscreeley »

I've read a book where the point of view changes like that. It's very annoying. Nice review.
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Post by morde »

A story worth reading I won't mind the mistakes, it has captivated me. Good work done by the reviewer.
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Post by MrsCatInTheHat »

One of my nephew's loves "coming of age" stories from different cultures so he just might find this one wrapped at Christmas.
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Reuben 92
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Post by Reuben 92 »

This is a really good review - and it sounds like it could be of interest to people of all ages. I love a book that explores friendship and loyalty. Thank you for an in-depth and very readable review!
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