Review of Our Parent Who Art in Heaven

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Review of Our Parent Who Art in Heaven

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[Following is an official review of "Our Parent Who Art in Heaven" by Garry Craig Powell.]
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5 out of 5 stars
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Huw is a Welshman who teaches creative writing at Oxbow State University. When he asked his wife, Miranda, if she would always stay with him, her reply left him thinking throughout the day. She said she would always be with him, as long as he made her happy. He started contemplating how transactional that statement was, and the thought of it affected his concentration that day. After attending the book reading of Savanna B. Manley, an author who writes woke-themed books featuring transgenders, Miranda said she was moved and identified with her. That marked the beginning of their problems.

On the other hand, Melvyn and his wife, Frida, work at the university with Huw, too. She is a professor and his supervisor at work and apparently at home, too. She abhors everything patriarchal and wants women's dominance. Then, a student starts taking an interest in Melvyn, and this puts him in a spot because he wants to show his wife he's the superior man.

I love how the author brought up arguments through the characters concerning the basis of some woke thoughts, like when women deflect the suggestion of keeping fit with the excuse that "What matters is not a woman's body but her mind." (Page 56) If one puts in the effort to read and learn things to strengthen the mind, why does the body not deserve effort, too? We should know when we are using these ideas as an excuse to take care of ourselves or as laziness.

Our Parent Who Art in Heaven by Garry Craig Powell explores what feminism does to marriages and how men tend to walk on eggshells and choose their words carefully when speaking to their wives to avoid being called misogynistic, chauvinistic, or worse, be told that they are toxic. The book also shows the hypocritical side of men in all of this. In a bid to show that they have risen above the typical "white male," it seems that society has turned to oppressing and tolerating them less. Women have also become blind to blaring truths and obvious lies in an attempt to escape patriarchy. Deception becomes easy. This book also explores how student behavior has changed over time, with no one noticing what happens in the environment or classrooms as everyone's head is plunged into their phones.

I also love how this book looks at religion in the face of wake culture and how it changes everything. This book made me laugh in more ways than I can count, and it gave me a reason to think critically about the direction our society is heading. I recommend Our Parent Who Art in Heaven by Garry Craig Powell to anyone who would want to read a story that shows how gender fluidity, woke culture, and feminism have affected and still affect us as a people. If you also like reading books about critics, writers, and their works, this book is for you. I disliked nothing about this book, and it was professionally edited. Hence, I am rating it 5 out of 5 stars.

Our Parent Who Art in Heaven
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Feminism is not an issue or a negative attribute per say,as women want to be involved and respected as well. It only possess a threat in the family setting when the woman wants to be a co-head in the family. This disrupts the family leadership and possess chaos and misunderstanding. Thank you for this amazing review.
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