Official Review: A Home from Home by Susan Barrett

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Theogene T
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Re: Official Review: A Home from Home by Susan Barrett

Post by Theogene T » 27 Nov 2017, 02:58

An interresting book indeed. This review goes through the whole story and gave me an impression to read the whole book. I appreciate the book's flashbacks and character selection as well as its plot.

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Post by akeseh » 27 Nov 2017, 02:58

I can see this book is full of life's application. It sounds more like a sermon. Good Job Susan.
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Post by Jeconiaomolo » 27 Nov 2017, 03:01

This witty and heartwarming fiction novel is a good read. As an aficionado of autobiography I can't wait to read this one later. I applaud the author for providing it free of charge. Thanks for this review.
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Post by inaramid » 27 Nov 2017, 03:16

The idea of putting old people in a nursing home is still quite foreign to me. This is one thing that piques my interest in this story despite the characters being way older than What I'm used to. The old are often ignored in a work of fiction, and I like how you pointed out that the author included generous amounts of flashbacks of who these characters were in contrast to who they are, now that they're nearing the end of their lives. Great review, bruin!

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Kelebogile Mbangi
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Post by Kelebogile Mbangi » 27 Nov 2017, 03:18

In recent months I have formed friendships with a few elderly ladies and I always enjoy the stories they have to tell, I think I would enjoy this book too. Edith sounds like quite an interesting character.
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Post by Kamii » 27 Nov 2017, 03:29

It sounds like it would be aimed at others, rather than myself - I didn't read the review (even though it was very well written) and think that I must add it to my list. For me, the idea that it all happens over such a short period of time makes me wonder how much detail and development there can really be- even with flashbacks.

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Post by Gracie777 » 27 Nov 2017, 03:39

The title of the novel could trick you into assuming a different setting for the book but a story about a nursing home is pretty fascinating. I love books that open your eyes to what or how life would be if one was placed in that very situation or circumstance. Its quite humorous how a nursing home has an investigative plot to it. This seems like an engaging read since I enjoy seeing people's characters built up from their past lives. This specific nursing home seems like a funny place to live in filled with humorous scenes.
I would read the book since I am a fun of biographies and investigations.

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Post by psychopathycathy » 27 Nov 2017, 04:02

This sounds interesting and I like how it is both humorous and serious! Maybe with a little more editing it can be a 4/4 book. Congrats to the author on BOTD though!

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Post by versatileer » 27 Nov 2017, 04:11

A Home from Home by Susan Barrett is a humor based feedback whereby a wealthy man buys and sells real estate in London, England. He gets involved with buying a senior residence in which a scandal occurs. The book has a 3 out of 4 stars rating.

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Post by bintisalma » 27 Nov 2017, 04:46

The stoneycrest looks like the kind of place peole invest in with ulterior motives. The owner,Spiro is just such a character and he lets Marion manage it, and all she wants is to Bmake money but not mainatain the place. But in such situuations things go awry and there's Edith to tell the true story.

Mehedi Parvez
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Post by Mehedi Parvez » 27 Nov 2017, 07:31

I'm sorry. I can not read this best read tittle book . Though free books read online, fails of today. I lost my internet connection.Oh, Yes, I can do it now. Have a happy next day with " House + Love = Home, Many many thanks for this life story or tell.

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Post by Juanita700 » 27 Nov 2017, 13:06

The review of Home from Home is a story about elderly people living in an old age home. There are many characters and the writer manages to draw you into their lives. The writer uses flashbacks to tells you the background of the characters in order to let you understand each one. It is done with humor and manages to tell you about life in a place like an old age home.

The story starts with a theft.

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Post by okayode » 27 Nov 2017, 18:13

Ow I missed the review... Want a nice book. I do like to read it

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Asunmo Cecilia
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Post by Asunmo Cecilia » 29 Nov 2017, 01:31

i was wondering why Spiro didn't sell the nursing home.I guess he made a lot of money from it or did it triggered something in him.I guess I will find out when I read the book

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Post by Jax14 » 08 Jan 2018, 10:12

I settled on this book for a quick afternoon read, and while the jumping back and forth between time in the beginning was a bit all over, I landed up really enjoying the book. Yes you can talk about non-compliance and things that should have been checked and done, but the 3 Stooges search party for Tilly and the Thompson's visit with the fire drill/non-fire drill was very funny. I thought it was written in a very sweet manner about important members of our society that are far too often just swept aside. And I'll never look at fish and chips the same way again...

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