Official Review: A Home from Home by Susan Barrett

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Re: Official Review: A Home from Home by Susan Barrett

Post by dragonet07 » 26 Nov 2017, 23:27

It sounds like an interesting story, although I'm not sure if I want to read about a corrupt nursing home right now. Still, the characters seem compelling enough to keep my attention. Thank you for the thorough review.
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Post by Leyla » 26 Nov 2017, 23:36

Very nice review. Very descriptive and appeals to your imagination.

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Deeshani Batra
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Post by Deeshani Batra » 26 Nov 2017, 23:54

Since childhood I am very fond of time travel stories and this book seems to catch my attention for that reason. However, I feel that the crime and suspense part could have been enhanced a little more than just exploring the past stories of characters. Having said that, I found the review quite interesting and it definitely urges me to unveil the characters. All in all, a great review!

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Post by sunshinedee » 27 Nov 2017, 00:02

At first when I read this book,I did not understand it but when I read it twice,thrice,I got the point. .a heartwarming story in a nursing home of a senior age group and on the other side a humorous sides of them revealing their different ridiculous attitude of mental state of their old age.

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Blue Lightnin
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Post by Blue Lightnin » 27 Nov 2017, 00:54

:) I like this review, because it feels like it takes me there. The reviewer already took me far enough to know I'll be meeting some of my old friends from work here, as the many years have passed, and he's helped me to already admire Edith, who I can see as the resident handyman, if it weren't for her all the years taking their tolls, and I am anxious to get to the book and start reading it and meet all of Ms. Barret's characters. It's really cool, that he's led me into the who's the thief mode, and now I've gotta know that answer asap. He did an excellent job of not ruining it with spoilers. Of course the tease with Spiro, I've gotta meet Spiro now. I take it that Spiro gets to confront the thief face to face, a position I've been in myself many times in life, so his review has me chompin' at the bit, and I can't wait to get into it.
I get the feeling this book's going to be very enjoyable!

Ras Jose
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Post by Ras Jose » 27 Nov 2017, 01:13

Thank you for the great review,it is really interesting.

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Post by Adedola » 27 Nov 2017, 01:20

Thank you! It sounds like a good read but unfortunately, I'm not so intrigued with the storyline.

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Post by Sarah Tariq » 27 Nov 2017, 01:31

The life in nursing homes has both positive and negative sides. Barrett has beautifully explains the ins and outs of a nursing home's life and relationship s of people living there.
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Post by Djima » 27 Nov 2017, 01:50

wow i love this book ..the way both different sides are solving their issues made me think very doesn't only tells the story but also shows the behaviour of each character in the book. i like the way Tass talks to his uncle Spiro much love..thanks a lot i know am forever going to enjoy this book.

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Post by ButterscotchCherrie » 27 Nov 2017, 01:54

Seniors must of course have a lot of stories to tell about their life experiences. What a great idea to weave these into a novel with an element of mystery.

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Miss ejay
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Post by Miss ejay » 27 Nov 2017, 02:22

Great review. It sounds like a very interesting story
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Post by OldNerd » 27 Nov 2017, 02:29

This book sounds like an interesting fiction novel. I like it that It is a humorous tale full of anecdotes about old age, and also a heartwarming story about living a fulfilled life. I will Pick this one straight away.

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Post by tamdlyte » 27 Nov 2017, 02:36

Since I'm not there yet, ;) I'm fascinated by the stories of our senior citizens. I just wish all of our seniors could live their golden years in peaceful joy doing what they like and not being put in homes that are of questionable care.

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Brandi Noelle
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Post by Brandi Noelle » 27 Nov 2017, 02:37

Thanks for the review! This sounds like a very unique story. It is not often that a book focuses on the end of life’s journey, but more usually, the beginning. It’s nice the see this age group recognized for their wisdom and experiences.

Lucy Nasimiyu
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Post by Lucy Nasimiyu » 27 Nov 2017, 02:45

I really enjoy a novel with some humor. I think this will make for a really interesting read. The mystery of the missing items from the home also promises to keep the reader entertained. Thank you for the review.
Latest Review: "Puffy and the Formidable Foe" by Marie Lepkowski and Ann Marie Hannon

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