Official Review: A Home from Home by Susan Barrett

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Emie Cuevas
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Re: Official Review: A Home from Home by Susan Barrett

Post by Emie Cuevas » 26 Nov 2017, 19:13

I'd like to hear more about Spiro in this story, from what you say he's not in it much so I guess I'll miss this one. Thanks for the great review.
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Mallory Whitaker
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Post by Mallory Whitaker » 26 Nov 2017, 19:15

This sounds like an interesting book and I loved the characterization I experienced during the first ten pages of this book. Thanks for the great review; I'm going to keep on reading!
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Post by TIGER999 » 26 Nov 2017, 19:16

Having been thrust into this type of situation in my own life, it made me I'm glad that humor was employed to tell the story, & to lighten it up a bit. Thanks for a great review!

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Post by vimbaimarv » 26 Nov 2017, 19:42

Thanks for the review. A fair assessment to give it a 3. Will definitely add it to my Want To Read shelf. Have always wondered what life is like in an institute and what it's patrons were like in their lives before. This read could be the answer to the inside scoop!!! :roll:

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Kalin Adi
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Post by Kalin Adi » 26 Nov 2017, 19:48

Life cannot be taken for granted. We need to LIVE our lives because we'll get old sooner or later. A very touching plot here! Also, this story seems to be a key reminder to show love to the ones around us every day, especially if they are elders. Nice review!

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Post by Hasanuzzaman » 26 Nov 2017, 19:54

Really an interesting story and I like this type of story very much. It can be said that no matter what happens but it may be significant so we should not avoid even little issue. Really pleased reading it.
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Post by jennyd2003 » 26 Nov 2017, 19:59

This book seems to be funny and a little hard to follow. Thanks for the good review.

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Post by MarisaRose » 26 Nov 2017, 20:13

I can see how this one would appeal to a lot of people, but I’m not sure it’s for me. I think the pacing sounds a little slow for my taste.
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Post by MollyAdell » 26 Nov 2017, 20:27

I think the plot and background are a hard match. There is something about the emotions of senior living and the suspence of a mystery adventure and doesnt quite flow for me. Having trouble getting into this one.

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Post by truebookaddict » 26 Nov 2017, 20:38

From the sound of it, Barrett sounds like a great story teller and creator of characters. I like how you described that each character's past is revealed. A great story and interesting characters make for a good book. Thanks for your insight!
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Post by Fuigi101 » 26 Nov 2017, 21:03

The story sounds compelling as the characters tend to be in control of each pages of the book. No one could left the book so far as it goes from each pages. The character development will surely capture my senses as browse to each pages. I hope this book will become a hit.

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Post by Vandrum » 26 Nov 2017, 21:08

This book seem to relate an interesting story about senior citizens. A reader would be able to learn some pros and cons about living in a nursing home . A very good review.

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Post by ladycraic » 26 Nov 2017, 21:11

Wow - I like how the author allows us to form connections with the characters as we go through the flashbacks. I'm excited to read this light-hearted novel! Thanks for the review :D

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Post by Scerakor » 26 Nov 2017, 21:12

With the multitude of combined years lived that a bunch of seniors have living together, it is no surprise that a story line this can have several successful elements: humor, emotions, and drama can easily play heavy roles in a retirement home.

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Post by Sarah_Khan » 26 Nov 2017, 21:17

Great job on your review! Even with the flashbacks, I don't think this is a book for me since the plot of elder people in a nursing home does not interest me. But I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

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