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Mayang Bature
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Review of Fantasy Man

Post by Mayang Bature »

[Following is an official review of "Fantasy Man" by Jean-Michel Desire.]
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4 out of 5 stars
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Howard Clayworth, a descendant of archaeologists, was on a personal quest to discover something valuable that his forefathers had been looking for for years. He chose some people to accompany him on this quest, starting in his family's massive mansion, where they experienced science bordering on the paranormal. This experience would have a lasting impact on these people, leaving you with more questions about their previous lives.
The Fantasy Man was labeled a lunatic because he had a plan to cleanse the world and teach people about self-sacrifice, much like Jesus Christ. He intends to accomplish this by destroying religion and other governing bodies, even if it means using violence.
I really enjoyed reading this book, and I particularly commend its amount of research. I assumed that the Aztecs, Mayans, and Incas were all the same people, but I learned that they were all different civilizations that existed at different times in history. This was made clear in the story and assisted in the overall assimilation because of the book's archeological references. I also liked how the chapters had accurate titles, giving me an idea of what was in a chapter and keeping me drooling with excitement. The author has a knack for giving apt names; the title, Fantasy Man, is evidence of that.
Knowing the scope of their activities in this book was critical because the story was set in a slightly more advanced society. The author used simple language here and highlighted only the most important details, which never felt overwhelming or made the story appear slow.
Finally, the character development in this novel was flawless. All major characters' motivations and ambitions were made clear, so all of their actions seemed justified. My favorite aspect of this was the girls' quasi-fashion competition while in the Clayworth Mansion. It was really fun reading about their passive-aggressiveness and snide comments, all while trying to prove that they had the best dress sense.
In this novel, however, it was strange how some of the characters did not speak English as their first language, yet they spoke with a level of expertise that I could not shake. I also thought that the part where the selected group was in the Clayworth mansion could have been cut significantly. It felt like filler because it was just as long as the main arc of FM's agenda. Towards the end of the book, the use of "quasi" to describe things became excessive. Even though it taught me a new word, one that I used in this review, I felt it became redundant.
Fantasy Man was a really immersive book with flawless execution, so I gave it a 4 out of 5. Only the negatives mentioned above caused me to deduct a star. Despite the numerous references to the Catholic faith and some of its covert activities, this book would be enjoyed by anyone with an interest in history and the paranormal.

Fantasy Man
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Juma Florence
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Post by Juma Florence »

I enjoyed reading this book, and I loved how the author developed his characters. Thanks for a great review.
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Post by Sahoor »

I wonder what the quest could be that left the people that Howard had chosen, with an impact. As a fantasy lover, the plot of the book caught my attention, and stories such as this, twisted with experience that'll leave you with questions, really make me amazed and thrilled. I would try this book. Thank you, Mayang, for this great review.
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Post by RutvikPatel »

"Fantasy Man" is an engaging book with well-researched content, especially in its archaeological references. The character development is commendable, though some linguistic inconsistencies and a lengthy segment in the Clayworth mansion could be streamlined. Overall, it's an immersive read suitable for history and paranormal enthusiasts.
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