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Blessing Chi Peculiar
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Review of Maxym

Post by Blessing Chi Peculiar »

[Following is an official review of "Maxym" by Patrick C. Notchtree.]
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5 out of 5 stars
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Merriam-Webster defines a psychopath as a mentally ill person, particularly one with an egotistical and antisocial personality characterized by a lack of regret for one's actions, a lack of empathy for others, and frequently criminal impulses. Psychopathy, which is frequently confused with sociopathy, is characterized by persistent antisocial behavior, decreased empathy and remorse, as well as aggressive, unrestrained, and narcissistic traits. Patrick C. Notchtree's intriguing novel Maxym: I am a Male, and Males are Not Afraid is about a young man named Maxym whose traumatic past had a significant impact on how he dealt with life's events, leading him to believe that he might be a psychopath.
Maxym Ivanovo, a 6-year-old boy, was the sole survivor of an attack on his family in Russia by a Wahabist Muslim terrorist group. Fortunately, he was adopted by a soldier named Leonid after suffering trauma. Maxym used a firearm at the age of six to shoot the people who murdered his family. Before this, he was known as a unique child who grew up with love and attention, but as time passed, he developed a deep hatred toward all Muslims as a result of his family's murder. Thanatos was also a master assassin who killed high-ranking officials and prominent political terrorists while working for Russia. Did Maxym ever get over his dislike of Muslims? What is the connection between Thanatos and Maxym? Get the book to find out. 

The fascinating twists and turns in this action-packed book will keep readers on the edge of their seats. Max, the main character, who defies conventional societal views on homosexuality, is my favorite. Despite being gay, Max was an alpha male who was not afraid of a challenge. He was ready to face challenges and excel in academics as well as military training. Despite his hatred for Muslims, he worked hard and underwent rigorous training to become one of the world's most feared killers.
I appreciate Maxym because he was dedicated to his academy and others despite all the obstacles in his path. Leonid is another favorite character because he cared for Maxym after all hope of a healthy life had been lost.
Unfortunately, I can't say I enjoyed everything in this book. The book contains a lot of sexual content. Nonetheless, I would like to commend the author on his creative abilities as well as the editor on a job well done because the book is exceptionally edited and no errors were discovered. 

I rate the book five out of five stars because it has taught me how to deal with various challenges in life. I will recommend this book to everyone, especially those going through difficult times and those who have felt neglected and abandoned.

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Flourish Sunday
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Post by Flourish Sunday »

Your comment about the book being professionally edited was reassuring. I know that typos and grammatical errors can be distracting, so it's good to know that this book is polished and ready to read.
Chris Rich Nwaka
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Post by Chris Rich Nwaka »

You've written a very insightful and comprehensive review that perfectly captures the essence of the book. Your ability to summarize the characters' personalities and how they relate to the overall plot is impressive.
Nletachi Otuokere
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Post by Nletachi Otuokere »

It's refreshing to see a reviewer who can appreciate the good parts of a book while also acknowledging its flaws. Your honesty about the sexual content in the book was helpful in making an informed decision about whether or not to read it.
Fergie Jessica Edeni
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Post by Fergie Jessica Edeni »

Your assurance that the book had been expertly edited was comforting. It's excellent to know that this book has been edited and is ready to read. It's intriguing, captivating, and suspenseful. Your review is great.
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Shardon Burrell
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Post by Shardon Burrell »

this book depicts the cause of trauma
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MsChet Cherry
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Post by MsChet Cherry »

Max sounds like a unique and interesting character. It's so disheartening to lose one's family over terrorism.
I hope Max eventually found peace.
Thanks for the well-written review.
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Emeka Emordi
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Post by Emeka Emordi »

While I understand your point about the sexual content in the book, it's great to hear that the author's creativity shines through and the editing is exceptional. A well-edited book definitely enhances the reading experience, allowing us to fully immerse ourselves in the story. Moreover, I appreciate your recommendation for readers who may be going through difficult times or have experienced feelings of neglect and abandonment. It seems like this book has valuable lessons to offer, making it even more enticing for me to give it a read.
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Francis Omotayo Aderogbin
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Post by Francis Omotayo Aderogbin »

I appreciate how the review emphasizes the character of Max and his defiance of societal norms. It's refreshing to see a protagonist who challenges stereotypes, showcasing strength and determination regardless of his sexual orientation. The exploration of Max's identity and his ability to excel academically and in military training adds a layer of depth to his character. This portrayal of a multidimensional individual is something that truly piques my interest and makes me want to learn more about Max's journey.
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Omobolanle Savage
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Post by Omobolanle Savage »

I agree with your appreciation of Maxym's dedication despite the obstacles he faces. It's inspiring to see a character who remains committed to his goals and responsibilities, even when life becomes challenging. The presence of Leonid as a caring figure in Maxym's life adds an emotional depth to the story, highlighting the importance of support and love during difficult times. This dynamic between Maxym and Leonid is something I'm eager to explore further, as it promises to bring both heartwarming and intense moments.
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Ambrose John
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Post by Ambrose John »

I completely agree with you! The review beautifully captures the essence of the book and highlights the intriguing journey of Maxym. The way his traumatic past shapes his perception and actions is indeed a captivating premise. It's interesting to see how the author explores the complex character of Maxym, making us question his potential psychopathy. This aspect alone makes me eager to delve into the story and uncover the mysteries surrounding Maxym's life.
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Meghan Soderholm
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Post by Meghan Soderholm »

Wow, this book is intense. I applaud Max for his grit and tenacity. I also admire Leonid for taking Max under his wing. I'm unsure about the sexual content, but it's calming to know that the book was professionally edited. Thank you for writing an insightful and exceptional review!
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Hazel Mae Bagarinao
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Post by Hazel Mae Bagarinao »

Experiences can shape our mindset. For Maxym, his experience as a survivor of murder made him a unique person. It seems that this book touch readers to the core. Congratulations to the author on BOTD!
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Upphilan Paul
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Post by Upphilan Paul »

This sounds interesting, I love it.
Maxym, a six year old boy lost his family members by an attack from Wahabist, a group of Muslim terrorists. Now, the captivating part of thus novel is that, Maxym avenge the death of his family even at age six. You'll need to read more. I love this review, well detailed.
Victory Ositaorah
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Post by Victory Ositaorah »

It feels sad to read about a boy who passed through a lot from the age of six. Well this sounds interesting and I would look into it. And I would like to know the connection between Thanatos and Maxym.
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