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Nicholas Bush
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Review of McDowell

Post by Nicholas Bush »

[Following is a volunteer review of "McDowell" by William H. Coles.]
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5 out of 5 stars
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No matter how we see it, being a person who is greedy and self-centered always keeps enemies close to your door. This book, McDowell, by William H. Coles, is mainly about the life of a man named Hiram McDowell, a surgeon who is also a lover of mountain climbing. As a surgeon, being president of the International College of Surgeons would give him the authority he needed to change a lot of things in healthcare, and Hiram is willing to engage in a lot of political maneuvering to get the position.

It happens that during the election period, Dr. Hiram McDowell was able to convince Dr. Michael O'Leary, who is a prominent member of the Board of Governors' executive committee, to canvass votes for him while promising to make him Executive Director if he should win. After emerging as president, Dr. Hiram failed to keep his own part of the bargain, and as a result of this, Michael O'Leary started plotting his downfall. Would Dr. Hiram McDowell be able to survive it? Read this book to find out.

At first, when I picked up this book, I had no idea it would contain an interesting plot that would teach me a lot. From this book, I was able to understand so many secrets in the medical world because this book is relatable in every sense. From McDowell's life, I was able to learn the dangers that come with betrayal. Above all, this book taught me that no matter how wicked and selfish a man can be, there is always space in him for love for his family, as in the case of Hiram. Despite the level of his selfishness, his love for his children was very obvious.

The plot of this novel is among its strongest selling points, as every genuine reader would concur with me. Given how interesting and twisted the plot is, it would be wrong not to give the author kudos for a job well done. The writing style is another aspect of this book that is deserving of mention because it made the book unique in its own way, and the author also did a wonderful job in character development, which is another part of the book that piqued my interest.

It's important to note that there is nothing I dislike about this book. Though it contained a few vulgar words, that's not reason enough to remove any rating stars. Since I couldn't find any notable typos or grammatical errors in this book, it indicated that the book was professionally well edited, and on this basis, I would rate this book five out of five stars. I would recommend this book to those interested in politics, parents, and medical students. 

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Blessing onyiyechi
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Post by Blessing onyiyechi »

McDowell failed in his promise of installing in the position he promised him, after being a president. His nonchalant attitude towards things affected not only him but his family was also affected. Nice review.
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Jay David Randall
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Post by Jay David Randall »

It is indeed true, greedy and self-centered people attract a lot of enemies on his/her part. I would love to know the story of this surgeon and mountain climber. Nice review.
"Keep your face always toward the sunshine, and shadows will fall behind you."Walt Whitman :tiphat:
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Chinazo Anozie
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Post by Chinazo Anozie »

I'm already intrigued by the book from your great review. I'll definitely check it out!
Ikechukwu Blessing
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Post by Ikechukwu Blessing »

It's always good to be faithful and loyal to a bargain when greediness sets becomes deadly on the other part. Beautiful review.
Fawmi FJumana
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Post by Fawmi FJumana »

It's indeed true that greedy and self centred people atract a lot of enemies. It's also better to be loyal to a bargain when there is manipulation included. Nice review.
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Post by ikechukwuamarachi+55 »

All I see in this book is greediness, selfishness, and lies. The combination of these three can be deadly. In all, politics is a dirty game. Nice review!
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Post by Oluchi23 »

Interesting work. This book must be educating and I think i need to read it and learn to keep myself away from greedy and selfishness. This book will be added to my shelf
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Post by ojukwu2 »

Just by reading this review, I can't deny the fact that I'm already attracted to reading this nook for myself to learn more. Nice job done kudos. Adding to my bookshelf ASAP.
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Kelly Peter
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Post by Kelly Peter »

It is better not to make a promise than to make a promise that you will be able to fulfill. I enjoyed your review nice job.
Nicky Rita
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Post by Nicky Rita »

The vivid descriptions of the settings and landscapes add depth and texture to the story.
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Baba Thoust
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Post by Baba Thoust »

Its almost uneblievable to hear that anyone in the noble career of medicine can posses political ambitions. Hiram seems like an interesting character. I'd like to see what his fate turned out to be after pissing off Micheal. Great review.
Mary Bliss
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Post by Mary Bliss »

This is a novel I would love to read over and over again. I would love to commend the author for a wonderful, detailed and suspenseful plot. It seems engaging and interesting. Nice review. Kudos.
Caballero paul
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Post by Caballero paul »

It's indeed true that greedy and self centred people atract a lot of enemies. It's also better to be loyal to a bargain when there is manipulation included. Nice review.
Michael R Stoddard
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Post by Michael R Stoddard »

A beautiful review. This book show the effects of Greed, selfishness etc. It also explains that one should value friendship and loyalty.
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