Official Review: Eden Undone by Anna Lindsay

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Official Review: Eden Undone by Anna Lindsay

Post by sdeerfield82 »

[Following is the official review of "Eden Undone" by Anna Lindsay.]
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2 out of 4 stars
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Eden Undone by Anna Lindsay is the classic Biblical tale of Adam and Eve but with an unlikely twist. This fictional account of the Garden of Eden looks at what might have happened if Eve had withstood temptation.

In the beginning, God created the Earth and all of its inhabitants and for an unspecified period of time, it was good. Chapters alternate from the everyday joy of Adam and Eve reveling in the glory of the Lord and finding pleasure in all of His gifts - to Satan, who has been cast out, disgraced, left to his own devices and agenda. Satan plots how to take back what is rightfully his and begins to put into action a slow, devious plan of attack. Enter the serpent, known in Eden Undone simply as Snake.

Snake enjoys a mostly loving relationship with the lord and lady of Eden but over time Satan weaves doubt in Snake’s mind. All of Creation holds its breath as Snake tries to convince Eve there is no harm in having a bite from the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Eve is in no hurry to relinquish her relationship with the Father though and is able to deny her curiosity.

Snake must suffer consequences for his attempt at deception but all is still perfect in Eden. Adam and Eve and all of Creation rally around their friend to show they love him in spite of all else and the days simply continue. Adam and Eve give life to four children and decades pass.

Satan has not been at rest however and slowly continues to manipulate Snake until Snake allows Satan to inhabit him. Together they plant more doubt in the minds of Eve’s children. Satan’s efforts prove sufficient when Cain takes the bait and experiences the first fall from grace. Unable to take responsibility for his actions, Cain draws his beloved sister into the downward spiral. Together they are forced to leave the Garden with half of Creation – and so begins the lineage of the Fallen.

Eden Undone is such an interesting concept. How does one make the shift from a life of complete and utter perfection to one of hardship, toil, and ultimate death when the very idea of these things has never before been conceived? Where would you place blame if it were in fact your own actions that forever altered the fate of mankind and ruined the perfect relationship between Man and Creator?

Anna Lindsay takes on a difficult story and does an okay job. Perhaps she does better than okay but when nearly half of a 228-page book is spent explaining a life of perfection, it is hard to keep the reader’s attention. Ms. Lindsay practically says so herself toward the end of Eden Undone when she writes, “What drama could there be in joy?” In fact, there is a lot of joy in the first half of this book and very little drama.

There is beauty, however, in the ending of this story. If you give it a start, you absolutely must see it through to the end. The characters were well-drawn and easy to love or hate. There is much pain to feel but also an overwhelming amount of hope and redemption.

I rate it 2 out of 4 stars. I thought the author’s explanation of the consequence of sin- that tear in the fabric of the perfect relationship between Man and God - was expertly done. Ultimately though, I would have liked to see more development on life outside of the Garden of Eden and less frolicking in the meadows.

Eden Undone
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Latest Review: "Yesterday" by Samyann
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Post by annalindsay »

Dear SDeerfield,
Thanks for taking the time to review my novel.
I am saddened that you felt it was so lacking (by far the most damning review it's received so far!), but appreciate your reading it and taking the time to write such a full opinion!
Best regards,
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