Review of Call 1-800-Hangman

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Oyedeji Funmilayo
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Review of Call 1-800-Hangman

Post by Oyedeji Funmilayo »

[Following is an official review of "Call 1-800-Hangman" by John Nolan.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Miracles happen; fate and destiny play out in life's journey. Life will eventually improve after a series of setbacks and challenges, and we will live comfortably well.

Call 1-800-Hangman by John Nolan is the story of five fantastic characters who work for the Execution Machine Corporation. This company executes sentenced prisoners quickly, cleanly, and painlessly. Odd as this might sound, the three main executioners in the company, Kam, Pat, and Junior, are not as sophisticated as you might imagine an executioner to be. Still, the EMC guys make a living by killing. Due to his criminal record, Rubin, the CEO, cannot travel to third-world countries where their services are needed most, so he builds the execution machine and stays in the company headquarters with Darla Mae, the secretary.

Most of the links to the countries where their service is needed are from top government officials. All was going well in business until something happened on one of their missions, making the relationship between the government officials and EMC sour. The high-ranking officials are determined to kill the entire EMC group to keep them from exposing a financial scandal that the group discovered.

The company headquarters, located on a large expanse of land secluded from the city, is being eyed by a reverend who, at all costs, wants to buy the land for himself. They had met the Reverend's assistant (the red-haired guy) in different countries they travelled to, and everyone they knew who had direct relations with him called him the devil. Stuck in the middle, they have to fight to keep their lives and property safe. Please find out about all that happened and how it went in this book.

I enjoyed reading the book and liked the author's writing style. The book is a combination of different things: relationships, crime, spiritual bonding, business, and self-discovery. The author put all this together in writing this book, and it still makes sense.

I like the book's slow and steady suspense level and how the story cannot be predicted. For example, after Kam won the lottery, I thought the end had come to their financial struggles, but no, I was wrong. The story turned around, and they later got their financial boom from a different source. Also, the character and plot development in the book are superb. The author depicted their lives from various perspectives, focusing primarily on Kam. The book told the story of his marketing (Slogan-writing) skills. The slogans he wrote and sent to different companies, hoping to get positive feedback, and how it all played out without derailing at any point from the plot of the story. The book is a good read, and I enjoyed reading it.

There was nothing I disliked about the book; even though it started slowly, I flowed well through the story and developed an attachment to it while reading. The author balanced the emotions in the book and, at the same time, explained the mystery of life to his readers without getting too spiritual.

The book is professionally edited, as I found some errors, but this didn't stop me from enjoying it. The profane language used in the book is in line with the book's plot, and the sexual content is also minimal. I rate the book 4 out of 4 stars because it is well deserving of it.

I recommend this book to lovers of fiction and anyone who enjoys suspenseful books. Adults and young adults who appreciate stories with good plots will also enjoy reading this book.

Call 1-800-Hangman
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Post by Ellylion »

The unpredictability of the plot is tempting, but I don't really like the main topic of the book. I guess I'll pass on this one. Thank you for this amazing review!
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Amy Luman
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Post by Amy Luman »

What an interesting concept. I’m not sure I like for people to make their living by killing others, but I guess there are already people who do that on Death Row, right?
anis rosmini
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Post by anis rosmini »

for people to make their living by killing others, but I guess there are already people who do that on Death Row, right?good and nicw
Moyin Loveth
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Post by Moyin Loveth »

Wow, I've never thought that a book centering of the lives of killers could be written. But I think this would be a nice, fresh read for me. I really hope the killers were able to keep their land, no matter how weird their jobs are.
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Post by Regard003 »

I don't like slow books but your review makes me want to attempt reading this book. The title of the book is weird though.
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Nwaka Chukwuemeka
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Post by Nwaka Chukwuemeka »

Call 1-800-Hangman by John Nolan is the story that details five fantastic what struggle for survival. I love this book. Great review.
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Post by readinginahammock »

What an interesting premise. I would really like to peak into the mind of people who have that job.
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Gideon Oluwatoyin Olomofe
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Post by Gideon Oluwatoyin Olomofe »

It is great that the book flows steadily and contains different elements which would be crucial to generating engagement.
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Post by Peace10 »


This is another dimension😂. Executioners? I’ll really like to read this someday. Thanks for a great review!
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Post by Verified »

The title already is quite intriguing. I would like to peek into the minds of these set of people. Your review makes it interesting for me to want to read it. Well done!!
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Post by smoothcrowd »

This book sure has my interest at heart. I love the well detailed nature of the author. Thanks and great Job on the review.
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