Review of White donor rape of a real housewife

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Raymond N
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Review of White donor rape of a real housewife

Post by Raymond N »

[Following is an official review of "White donor rape of a real housewife" by Perry Spaid.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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John and Monica had been trying to have kids for fifteen years. One night, they decided to try again, as it was within Monica's fertile window. That same night, tragedy strikes. Monica is raped by the eighteen-year-old son of a white Republican Congressman in front of her husband. Two months later, Monica gets pregnant? Who is the father of the baby? How does this tragedy affect this couple? Read White donor rape of a real housewife by Perry Spaid to find out.

This was a short read, but this was not the only reason I finished reading this book in a short period. The suspense in this book kept me glued, and I couldn't put this book down till I was done reading it. The storyline was intriguing. I enjoyed the author's narration and description of the events. As sad as they were, it was interesting to see how the actions of different characters were described. It was vivid, and I could picture these events. I felt a wave of pity and sadness as I read through. It's safe to say that the author painted tragedy in a great manner.

I liked how the themes of racism and justice were explored. Justice seems like a myth for the poor and minority. In the vast majority of instances, the rich get away with what they want. The crime of rape can be downplayed to sexual assault to lessen the sentence given to a rich person. In addition, I enjoyed the love that John and Monica shared. It seemed realistic, as it was characterized by ups and downs.

John and Monica didn't seem to be a rich couple; this makes me wonder why they were robbed. At some point, this story felt like a movie I had seen countless times. Immediately after one particular scene was introduced, I knew what would follow it. Because I was so interested in this story, that particular scene watered down my curiosity, and I wished it wasn't added. The ending of the story wasn't what I expected either. For these reasons, I am deducting a star from my rating. I rate this book 3 out of 4 stars. It was professionally edited, as I only found a few errors. However, the introduction of some scenes has prevented me from giving this book a perfect rating.

If you're offended by rape scenes or sexual content, then this book is not for you. Readers of fiction should enjoy reading this book. If you like to read short stories, then I recommend this book to you.

White donor rape of a real housewife
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Patty Allread
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Post by Patty Allread »

I'm not sure what "a real housewife" means other than there is a television show with that name. I'm also not sure what being Republican has to do with the storyline. The book sounds very engaging if it keeps you reading to the end.
Ayesha Ameera Memon
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Post by Ayesha Ameera Memon »

Shining light upon issues like rape and justice against people in power is important. Therefore, this seems like an interesting read. While I enjoyed reading your review, I do have one concern. I saw you wrote in the end “if you’re offended by rape scenes” and as a sexual assault survivor, seeing the word “offended” used here was actually offensive and upsetting to me. A better word would be “triggered” when warning viewers about content regarding sexual assault etc. Hope that makes sense to you.
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OTrain M
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Post by OTrain M »

Yeah, the themes might be too sensitive for some readers. I think you mentioned that there might be some plot holes you not understanding why they were robbed. But other than that, this seems like a good read.
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Post by Paully_ »

The storyline is nauseating to me. This is indeed a tragic experience. I hope due justice is meted out on the culprit. I would like to know how the couple handled the situation. Great review.
Summer Henrietta
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Post by Summer Henrietta »

This story is very enlightening as it is what happens in our society today where the poor are without a voice. However , I liked the love the love John and Monica shared.
Thank you for the review.
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Amy Luman
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Post by Amy Luman »

Normally sexual content ensure a “No” from me, but in this case I want to find out how the Congressman’s son is treated. My guess would be very well while the survivor is treated as a villain.
Ivan Mukaaga
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Post by Ivan Mukaaga »

“Justice seems like a myth for the poor and minority. In the vast majority of instances, the rich get away with what they want“. Isn’t this actually what is happening everywhere in the world? Although fiction, the author paints a picture of what is happening in actual life.Thanks for that good review.
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Yasmine M
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Post by Yasmine M »

The title made me curious and pulled me in to read the review; I wondered how can the words 'donor' and 'rape' be in the same sentence that way. It is sad that Monica went through that trauma, and from a child, 18 years old is not a complete grown man yet. I wonder how she felt about this pregnancy and everything that happened. Although I am intrigued, I will pass on this book due to the sexual violence.
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