Review of The Struggle for Justice and Truth

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Review of The Struggle for Justice and Truth

Post by Zee_Zee »

[Following is an official review of "The Struggle for Justice and Truth" by Tomas Cudzis.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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The Struggle for Justice and Truth by Tomas Cudzis was exhilarating. When I saw the title, I thought it would be another boring book about politics. Yet I decided to give it a shot, and thank goodness I did.

Tomas Cudzis (the main protagonist's name is the same as the author, though it's a fictional book), a Slovakian boy of twelve with physical insecurity, decided to change his physique. Over the years, he succeeded and got his desired intent. His life took a turn when he discovered martial arts. He left home and traveled to China for a complete martial arts education. Life wasn't as glamorous as he thought. Having always been a pacifist, an altercation with the local Triad led to his first kill. This incident would set a chain reaction of events that would lead him to fight for an ideology bigger than him. The road to his goal would be paved with blood. What would his belief take to become a reality? When push would come to shove, would Tomas make the necessary decisions?

The first thing that intrigued me was the author's suggestion to listen to listed songs to enhance the reading experience. Rarely had I seen a book suggesting such. There were 159 songs suggested. Most of the songs suggested were from the rock band Linkin Park. It was quite a unique experience. Every scenario had a song that depicted the general idea. I understood the author was a big fan of Linkin Park, and this book was a tribute to them, more or less. I had never listened to the band's group songs before, so it was a novel experience. Although most of their songs weren't my kind of jam, they helped me to understand the author's thoughts. Also, it was good to have new songs on my music playlist.

For a book that started so peacefully, you would never expect the violence that followed its coming pages. There was so much graphical violence embedded in the plot. If this were a movie, it would have been rated R. The gore and pure carnage Tomas regularly unleashed were described vividly. My imagination worked overtime. The author did his research on the usage of weapons and technology. Profanity was ubiquitous, as expected for such a book.

I loved the friendship between Tomas and Gargy. Like some best friends, they didn't like each other initially. They eventually became brothers in arms and a superb dynamic duo, with Gargy providing marksman-level sniper support and Tomas being a walking death. They also provided necessary comic relief together. Tomas wasn't just a mindless killing machine; all those bloodbaths took their toll on his psyche. The author provided an in-depth psychological perspective, which made this book more than just gore-filled. "Even in the million-star sky, he missed every single light that went out." This excerpt from the book summed up who Tomas was. The Struggle for Justice and Truth took me on a rollercoaster of emotions.

The author's usage of some real-life events might spark outrage, but I found it quite interesting. His take on feminism, 9/11, Covid-19, and BLM was unconventional, but it was his opinion. It made the book relatable.

There were many typos. However, for such a lengthy book, they weren't enough to ruin my experience. I had no issues with the book. However, due to the number of errors, I'd rate The Struggle for Justice and Truth 3 out of 4 stars. I'd recommend it to lovers of books with justice themes and graphical descriptions of violence.

The Struggle for Justice and Truth
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Post by Ivan Mukaaga »

This should really be an exhilarating book, “When I saw the title, I thought it would be another boring book about politics. Yet I decided to give it a shot, and thank goodness I did”. With only your introduction, you made me yearn to give it a short too. Thanks for the good and interesting review. Thank you for honestly rating it appropriately with clear reasons.
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