Official Review: A Fine Poet by Jasbir S Jagdeo

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Official Review: A Fine Poet by Jasbir S Jagdeo

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[Following is the official review of "A Fine Poet" by Jasbir S Jagdeo.]
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A Fine Poet is a very short story (just over 4 pages long) detailing the experience of a young student in poetry class who is trying to attain a pencil in order to write down the wonderful details of a few poems that the teacher is discussing.

The young boy is distressed that he can't find a pencil as he is relishing the discussion the teacher is having on set pieces of poetry. As the boy starts to ask his fellows students for a pencil, the teacher catches him and does not appreciate his tenacity for the subject and, unfortunately the boy ends up getting in trouble for bothering other students.

There are a few things that became apparent to me while reading this story; the author is passionate and has creative ideas however, it appears that the author's first language is not English? This doesn't have to be an issue though. While reading this story it felt like I was reading a rough draft rather than a final piece. The story has soul and I think that if the author had taken some extra time with editing, perhaps with a native English speaker, this could have been a solid story. Unfortunately the potency of the story is lost in translation. I found myself as a reader being a bit unsure what the focal point of the story was because the occasional sentence didn't make sense or that it was worded in a way that didn't resonate or correlate with the next sentence or the story in general.

For example, in the opening paragraph:
"...he could see his torn sleeve. His sleeve was not really torn; it just looked like it from too much bruising."
I'm not sure what to make of this sentence. Is his arm bruised? Was the young boy in a fight? How does this connect with the boy’s interest in poetry and with his current situation in the classroom? As a reader, either I'm missing something or the sentence is not elaborated on or it's not worded correctly.

Regardless of these errors, the author is able to breathe life into his work and his passion is quite clear and neither of those factors can be taught. I have to wonder if the young boy in the story is actually a reflection on an experience the author had as a young boy?

Overall, the story and the author have amazing potential, I just think that the piece needed a few more drafts and a bit more time with an editor. I rate this book 2 out of 4.

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