Review of Catch a Falling Star

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Review of Catch a Falling Star

Post by Seroney_ »

[Following is an official review of "Catch a Falling Star" by Keith Julius.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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Addiction poses devastating health and social effects. Having affected the health status of an individual, the menace, without warning, ventures to other aspects of life; relationships with spouses and relatives.

When Aleisha Turner ventured into drug abuse and utilized her body for financial gain, she did it handsomely without thinking about its consequences. Aleisha would lure thirsty men into her nest via her seductive and sexy looks. Most of the heinous acts happened at Pete’s premises. She convinced herself that it was a genuine business as no one was hurt. One evening, Aleisha turned up at her house high on heroin. She paid little attention to her children: Nataya and Willard Turner. Things got heated as she tried to evade her husband, Mark. Apparently, Aleisha engaged in drug abuse despite having an infant, Michael. Mark’s rage led to him assaulting Aleisha.

The scrabble resulted in the hospitalization of Aleisha. Since Nataya and Willard were not Mark’s children, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kale took them into custody; Michael remained under Mark and his sister’s custody. Beverly, a widow from CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates), was tasked with Aleisha’s case: ensuring that the children were under proper guardianship, such as responsible parents and a secure environment.

Most of the characters in Catch a Falling Star by Keith Julius contribute to the plot of the book. While Beverly Turner is assigned to the CASA cases, Patrick Zimmerly complemented her efforts at the Children’s Services. To help conquer her addiction, Dr. Antonio oversees the therapy sessions. Antonio reckons that it is an individual initiative to overcome her predicament. But will Aleisha Turner and Mark fight the skeletons in their closet successfully?

My favorite aspect of this book is its inherent ability to allow the reader to connect with the characters. By far, Beverly was my favorite character. She took her volunteer experience at CASA to heart. She made it her job to ensure that the affected children found solace in their new surroundings. Beverly envisaged empathy and sympathy. She genuinely wished that all her clients overcame their addictions and became responsible people. Due to the slew of character development, I also connected with Aleisha’s fears. I was enthralled when she accepted her situation and committed to mending bridges with her family.

I also appreciated the spectrum of themes incorporated in this book. Drug abuse, the legal system, prostitution, and family are some issues addressed in this book. I also relished the twist in the novel. It is impossible to dispense some scenarios without providing spoilers.

While I thoroughly enjoyed this book, I didn’t like the book’s formatting. Both the chapters and the entire text were bolded. Moreover, the organization of paragraphs seemed quite untidy. I felt that the author/editors did little to organize the book because the headings of some chapters occurred towards the far end of the page. However, the text was edited professionally; I noticed a few grammatical errors.

Due to the formatting issues, I deduct a star and award this novel three out of four stars. It is a fast-paced thriller providing insights into the shackles of social ills in society. I recommend this book to lovers of books depicting drug abuse and those dealing with loss. However, those triggered by such issues should read it with caution. It also contains some extreme adult language.

Catch a Falling Star
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Post by Ellylion »

I am not a big fan of the book about drug addiction, but I appreciate that the author touches on a wide range of the important topics in this book. Sorry about the formatting issues tho. Thanks for this insightful review!
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Post by Zwelihle_Myeni »

Drug addiction is a thing with read about everyday, however the heart wrenching doesn't get better with each time we read these stories. I'm happy that Aleisha got help, and that the author allowed her character to grow whilst diving deeper to the stem of her actions. Thanks for sharing your views with us.
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Post by Amy Luman »

I won’t read this solely based on on Aleisha’s drug addiction. There are many other things in this book to recommend it. I think CASA does amazing work and the character development sounds great. Sorry about the formatting.
Blessing E
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Post by Blessing E »

Truth be told, this is an exceptionally written review that gives every reader a proper information about what to expect. Well done. The storyline seems to interest me
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Post by Kessi »

Drug has been trending around the world for many years now, it can only be control not sure if it can be stop.
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Post by Shillah kigen »

I solely think this book focuses on much more than drug addiction. I notice some values from the review that are worth learning. Thanks for recommending such an educational book.
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Post by Ifesi »

This review sounds educating. The author did a nice job in presenting the book to be interesting and easy to understand. Thanks for a wonderful and intriguing review. Looking forward to reading this book.
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Post by ellimctreph »

The cover of this book if so captivating. Drug addicion is always an engaging topic. Great review.
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Post by Uwe Neufeld »

The story seems surprisingly real: substance addiction, ensuing problems and conflicts and later treatment. Very good review!
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Post by Buch1-Dm »

Addiction definitely has the tendency to snowball into a lot other issues for the individual and the people around him. This will definitely be a great story. I may check this out.
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Mrs D O
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Post by Mrs D O »

I enjoyed reading your review. Thank you. The details you included indicate that this book is based on the many sad realities of life endured by people experiencing addiction. I hope the story incorporates some solutions that people might learn from.
Sammy Kamau 2
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Post by Sammy Kamau 2 »

Drug abuse is common in most parts of the world what is more saddening Is that children suffer a lot when adults around them abuse drugs. That has been captured well in this book.
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Post by Dera Okeke »

Drug abuse is a very deadly thing to do and Aleisha was one of the victims, say no to drug addiction. Great review.
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Post by Jen Nghishitende »

I am put off by the editing or lack thereof but the story sounds grappling. Thanks for the thorough review.
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