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Review of Masked Intent

Post by Unique Ego »

[Following is an official review of "Masked Intent" by Kimberly Greer.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Alexa and Mateo are drawn to each other at first sight, but they try to suppress their feelings. Eventually, Mateo decides to take things further with Alexa, but first, he has to break down her emotional walls. This leads him to join her running club, Renegade Running Club. Alexa, a kind and easy-going divorcee with three kids, has learned to mask her true feelings from the world. She works for a boutique PR firm where she is saddled with helping a reckless client, HedgeCo, forcing her to make controversial decisions against her integrity and beliefs. The events that unfold slowly bring her to the realization that she has been living in half-truths and self-deception for most of her life.

Meanwhile, the relationship between Alexa and Mateo is moving in the right direction. But as they get closer, complications from their pasts resurface. Trent, Alexa’s ex-husband; Janeilia, Mateo’s former fiancee; and Emery, a girl obsessed with Mateo, all come into the picture, each with their own motive. Plus, Alexa begins to receive threatening letters. What do these three people want with Alexa and Mateo? Why is Alexa being threatened? How is any of this connected to the circumstances of her work life?

Masked Intent was divided into five sections. Kimberly Greer wrote a story that portrayed the relationship humans often have with the truth when interacting with other people. She showed how honesty and accountability take a back seat in a world where inauthenticity is often viewed as right. Greer reflected on how people could be influenced to do anything without weighing their actions by anything that is true.

I liked the storyline of the book; it was realistic and relatable. The plot was an intriguing tale with lots of twists and turns surrounding the lives of Alexa and Mateo. Alexa’s life was fascinating to me; it seemed that between her work and personal life, she was the definition of double standards. At work, she was skilled at creating and indulging in deceitful schemes, but in her personal life, she held on to her integrity and truth while fighting like hell to ensure her work and personal lives didn’t mix. I also liked that the love story of Mateo and Alexa was realistic and relatable, in my opinion. I enjoyed how their love story unfolded amid all the problems surrounding them. The way they navigated the ups and downs that came their way made sense to me.

I also noticed the similarity in the names of Alexa’s children and her ex-husband’s name—Tristan, Trace, Treat, and Trent. I don’t know if this was intentional by the author, but it did provide me a nice little tongue-twister game to play on the side as I read. There was nothing to dislike about this book. I rate it 4 out of 4 stars and recommend it to people who love an unpolished love story.

Masked Intent
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Aisha Yakub
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Post by Aisha Yakub »

Hopefully they were able to get past the hurdles and enjoy a great friendship. Great reviews.
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Post by shreyagupta »

The storyline is different and intriguing. I like the fact that the protagonist is a lady with three children which is rarely seen. Thanks for a well put together review.
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Mbenma Esther 080
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Post by Mbenma Esther 080 »

Love stories are in grades and shades. Thanks for the review.
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Alice Fu
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Post by Alice Fu »

Thank you so much for writing this review! It has been a long time since I had read anything realistic. Honestly, based on the title alone, I expected this to be more of a fantasy novel or something among those lines. I'm really glad to have a further in-depth check as to what the story is like, and I will be rooting for the two main characters as I read their entanglements with exes and obsessed side lovers. Excited to get into this book!
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Post by AntonelaMaria »

Single-parent romances are always tricky because of children and the usual scars from the previous relationship. So, I can understand Alexa's emotional walls. It seems like an intriguing storyline with complex characters. Great and informative review.
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Post by mikl »

Masked Intent: Modern-Day Morality Play, it was a nice surprise. I really like the complexity of your messages, also this concept, about human relationship. It was a great experience.
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Stephen Christopher 1
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Post by Stephen Christopher 1 »

Thanks for the review. I read the sample and wasn't sure if I wanted to continue. Your review has definitely piqued my interest further, so I will keep reading. I really appreciate the work you did, thanks again.
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Jorge Leon Salazar
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Post by Jorge Leon Salazar »

The storyline seems interesting, especially what is related to Alexa. It is interesting to know how and why she manages that double life between work and personal. Also, the romantic part between Alexa and Mateo is appealing since they have to deal with many difficulties and people who get in their way.
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Post by NetMassimo »

Romance is not my thing but I see that in this novel there's much more, with people who are not what they seem, deception, half-truths, and other hidden sides. I guess the result shows the complexities in human relationships rather than linearity. Thank you for your great review!
Ciao :)
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Elize Vermaak
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Post by Elize Vermaak »

The review is so well written, with just enough detail to intrigue me. I am definitely adding Alexa and Mateo's love story on my to-read list, I have to find out if they get their happily-ever-after.
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Post by Ferdinand_Otieno »

This is a unique other fiction novel highlighting two amazing characters, breaking down emotional walls, personal growth, romance, and complications. The book has a free sample on Amazon Kindle and has a well-written OnlineBookClub review. Congrats on the BOTD selection.
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Harty Muli
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Post by Harty Muli »

I would like to explore more about the complicated love relationship between Alexa and Mateo, especially because of their past relationships. Thanks for the informative review.
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Domeseo Camus Meda
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Post by Domeseo Camus Meda »

Very beautiful love story with many obstacles. But when love is true, real and reciprocal, the obstacles end up disappearing. Very beautiful book of love
Danny Tash
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Post by Danny Tash »

I love the fact that the book is a love story to me the concept of love is much more understandable compared to other fiction books.
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