Review of Rough Way to the High Way

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Review of Rough Way to the High Way

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[Following is a volunteer review of "Rough Way to the High Way" by Kelly Mack McCoy.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Robert McClain decides to become a truck driver after an unfortunate incident to clear his mind, but the load that he is carrying only presents more problems. Robert, or Mack as the main character likes to be called, used to be a preacher. Now on the open road, he gets a calling from God to pick up a hitchhiker that he sees, and he listens. This hitchhiker ends up knowing a lot about a conspiracy that Mack has on his dead wife and one of his friends. While these two incidents didn’t seem connected, Mack starts to unravel new information that points to what really happened in both of their deaths. The swinging meat that he is carrying across the United States is more important than just feeding the city of Chicago, and he encounters people along the way trying to stop him. He has to trust a few close people with what is happening to figure out why he’s a target. This book called Rough Way to the Highway by Kelly Mack McCoy involves a lot of detective work as well as help from a few friends along the way. In the end, the book is about way more than just delivering a truckload.

I enjoyed reading through McCoy’s story about how a truck driver overcomes challenges on the road and in his personal life. As a pastor, Mack didn’t have everything figured out and he was able to admit that. His personal journey along this trip was inspiring to read about. The story involves many different characters from law enforcement, prisoners, waitresses, and a random hitchhiker. Despite many different names, the author does a good job of keeping each of them straight by providing good descriptions. Many names are repeated throughout the journey and you get to know them on a deeper level. The imagery used helps the author to picture this journey that Mack, the truck driver embarks on.

I found minimal errors in this book and thought that the writing style worked well for the story. There were many different chapter breaks to separate different events that occurred. One change that I would make to the story is the number of conversations that happen over the phone. A lot of the story is centered around the phone conversations that Mack has. There could have been fewer phone calls and more in-person stories and conversations between the characters.

I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars. The beginning of a truck drivers’ journey seems simple until it takes a turn for the worse. The story hooks you in, and you find yourself putting the clues together to try and figure out why everything is happening. Despite all of the bad luck that Mack has, he still leans on God to protect and guide him and doesn’t lose sight of his previous preaching experiences. He doesn’t owe anyone anything, much less a homeless person sleeping behind a dumpster, but this doesn’t stop him from literally giving this man the shirt off of his back. This makes you believe in the good of humanity, while there are still so many bad things happening in the world.

I would recommend this book to readers who enjoy a mix of Christian fiction and a thrilling story. The mystery will leave you wanting to read more and figure out how all of the pieces come together. While reading about a truck driver might seem boring, this story is far from that. It is a fast-paced read as more challenges arrive for Mack.

Rough Way to the High Way
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