Official Review: Holes in Space - A Poetry Collection

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Official Review: Holes in Space - A Poetry Collection

Post by allesha »

[Following is the official review of "Holes in Space - A Poetry Collection" by Andrea Barbosa.]
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Holes in Space is a book of poetry, written by Andrea Barbosa. The poems are split up into different sections, which I liked because I enjoy having things classified. The first, and longest, section is titled “The Emotional Collection”. This first category speaks about relationships, telling stories of struggle and desperation. In my opinion, poetry can mean many different thing and each reader can interpret the author’s words how they choose. However, some of these poems, like “Fly Away” still went over my head. I did really enjoy “Waltz of Love”. It felt like I was there, living in the moment of this poem. I think when an author can bring these feelings to a reader, they have succeeded. Another poem in this section that I liked was “Devotion”, which I thought was intense but relatable. I found the poem “Chocolate” to be steamy and exciting, leaving me wanting more. I think this should have been the last poem in this section, instead of “Deep Blue Green”, which I found to be less intriguing.

The next section is called “The Dedication Collection” and consists of two poems, each dedicated to someone. I really enjoyed this collection and wanted to read more poems like this. These two poems really made me think and taught me new things. Overall, I though this section was just really cool.

“The City Collection” was not as interesting to me as the two previous sections. None of these three poems seemed to capture my attention. I think people who are from one of these cities might enjoy the poems more.

I enjoyed “The Dark Collection” more. This section seemed to reflect on how people choose to live their life and what they might look back on when their lives are almost over. I related to “Tick-Tock Time and “Babel Revisited”. To me, these poems were about slowing down and taking time to live your life, which I personally need to do. I think these poems would be the most appealing to a wide audience, as many people could relate to this idea. “Stop to feel well” is one of the lines that spoke to me most. I read “Mirage of Mirrors” quite a few times, trying to grasp the concept of the poem. It made me think, but didn’t feel too over my head so it was a nice challenge. The title poem, “Holes in Space” was about exploration and critiquing the reason for exploration to me. I don’t know if this is what the author was getting at, but it was a good poem to tie the book together in my opinion.

Overall, I would give Holes in Space a 3 out of 4 stars. Some of the poems I really enjoyed, while others I just didn’t understand. I thought putting the pictures with the collection titles was a good idea. Also, to me the author sounds very intelligent. I had to look up some words, which was kind of annoying and got in the way of reading, but it did enhance my own knowledge. I would say that Andrea Barbosa is able to give the reader a good story in few words.

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Post by Apogea »

I really dislike when I have no clue what the author means with a certain word, BUT it is nice to learn what they mean as well!
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Post by andyb0810 »

Thank you for your thorough and detailed review of my poems! If you'd like to discuss any of them further, you're welcome to contact me!
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