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Official Review: Song of the Canyon Kid by Scott Cherney

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Official Review: Song of the Canyon Kid by Scott Cherney

Post Number:#1 by amen jamir
» 27 Jun 2014, 08:25

[Following is the official review of "Song of the Canyon Kid" by Scott Cherney.]

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'Song of the Canyon Kid' is an entertaining Western Comedy Romance set in America. Adapted from a play, 'Song of the Lone Praire,' by this fiction's author Scott Cherney himself, the story displays traditional characteristics of comical romantic plays with a western twist. There are elements of humor, engaging conflicts and romance. The lovers are already separated as the story unfolds and the protagonist is making an effort to re-unite with his lost love. Secrets and lies plays a major role in enhancing the plots. Also an aura of mystery is aroused by the spell of hypnotism which is used as a shield to conceal truth in the story.

The main theme of the fiction is focused on the battle between good and evil and the ultimate triumph of good. Love and friendship are other prominent themes projected throughout the story.

The protagonist is a singing cowboy who helps needy folks in his adventurous travels. Nobody was sure about his name or biological parents. The folks identified him as The Canyon Kid wherever he went and he liked this name. The hero comes back to Dirt Cold Missuori, the home of his youth after many years, as he hears the town has fallen under the hands of corrupt administration. He was determined to set things right. Here, he meets his childhood friend Charlene Atlas from whom he learns about the untoward happenings in the town. Charlene, who used to be a neighborhood bully has taken up the profession of blacksmith and was living under constant threats of her business being taken up by the judge of the town, Basil Kadaver. Charlene is a comical character, a simple country pumpkin yet adorable. I felt the strong bond of friendship between Canyon Kid and Charlene which stands all test of time is worthy of admiration.

Basil Kadaver is a spooky villain who is also known as the hanging judge. He has built a set of gallows where citizens failing to adhere to his selfish laws were mercilessly hanged. This fiction in a way I felt is a strong protest against the gruesome practice of hanging people as capital punishment. The judge kept workers under him one of whom was an exotic looking woman, Nastassia. She claims to have power to hypnotize people and make them feel guilty of crimes they were never a part of. People like Nastassia exists in modern times as well, who casts spells on people to have their own way with them. Canyon Kid becomes her newest prey.

Darla Darling, the childhood sweetheart of Canyon Kid and the daughter of the mayor of Dirt Cold has come back from a city college and is now a school teacher. A beautiful woman with a no none sense attitude, she is engaged to be married to the new sheriff of the town which further complicates the plot and gives a challenge for Canyon Kid to win her over again.

'Song of the Canyon Kid' is an entertaining and a light read. I felt the first few pages were too revealing but there were some surprises in the end. So I am glad I read the story. I also appreciate the author's sense of humor. He has created humorous situations that made me grin quite a lot as I read. I am also happy that some characters were redeemed as it adds to the story's happy note.

I would recommend this book if you are looking for something adventurous and light to read, something to keep you in good humor. I would rate this book 3 out of 4.

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