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Kaushiki Parihar
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Review of Final Chance

Post by Kaushiki Parihar »

[Following is an official review of "Final Chance" by Van Fleisher.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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Back in the 2020s, Vijay Patel had invented the VT2 watch. The hi-tech watch could accurately predict the wearer's date of death. And since its invention, science and technology have soared to new heights of development and innovations. However, the vigorous climate changes and deadly series of pandemics have taken a toll on the world. The increasing temperature, wildfires, flooding, carbon emissions, heatwaves, and ultraviolet rays have made the earth uninhabitable for humans. Health issues have risen to such unprecedented levels that people are suffering from many skin cancers, eye diseases, and respiratory ailments.

To cope with rapidly evolving climate change, the entire cities and towns have been covered and protected by dome clusters that would help in the healing process of the environment. But the story doesn’t end here! There are some people who are making attempts to assassinate the president. They have developed flus and viruses to kill thousands of Americans and have attempted many more heinous crimes. Who are these people? Will the government be able to find them? What will happen to them and the world?

Final Chance is the third and the last book in the Final series by Van Fleisher. It is an enticing science fiction and political thriller that is nearly 400 pages long, divided into 39 chapters. This book gives a sneak peek of the future world till the year 2066. Final Chance is a fast-paced novel laced with political satire, assassins, suspense, slight romance, and enormous advances in science and technology.

What I loved the most in the book were the detailed and comprehensive descriptions of the dome clusters, embedded microchips, and various modifications and upgraded versions of the VT2 watch. Van’s extensive and advanced use of technology just amazed me and I loved that aspect of the book. Furthermore, the book was excellently organized, structured, and presented. Van has used the third-person narrative style and dialogue in the novel. His writing style was clear and expository. The main characters were also well-developed and the political conversations between the characters felt authentic to me. I adored the relations of the entire Patel-Belikov family. The unique story plot and the smooth flow of events throughout the book make it an engaging read.

However, I found some negative aspects in the book. Firstly, there were too many supporting characters in the entire novel that it was difficult for me to remember all of them. Also, Van failed to create conflict and tension in the book. I expected twists and turns in the story. I wanted to know a little backstory of the antagonists and their motive behind all the assassinations and attacks, but I was disappointed. Finally, I found a few spelling inconsistencies and grammatical errors in the book.

Therefore, considering all the aspects, I rate Final Chance by Van Fleisher 3 out of 4 stars. I did not rate it lower because I enjoyed the story and appreciate the author’s extensive research, creativity, and powerful imagination. There was little profanity in the book. Lastly, I recommend this book to open-minded sci-fi enthusiasts. Readers who enjoy political thrillers would also enjoy the book.

Final Chance
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Ruchi Raina
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Post by Ruchi Raina »

It seems like a very fascinating book. I can't imagine COVID going on till 2066. Our world has already lost so much in 2 years, and to imagine what would happen if this continues till 2066, makes me woozy with dread. Thanks for the wonderful review.
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Post by Unosthetic »

It might be nice if there's a VT2 watch in real life. The concept of the book is great, I'm excited to read it. Great review!
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Pearl Thomas
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Post by Pearl Thomas »

A watch that predicts our date of death. I think it'll be a really interesting read. I'm not really a fan of political satire, but I think I will enjoy this one. Amazing review.
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Paluk Pathania
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Post by Paluk Pathania »

Reading your review has left me curious and excited. Even though science fiction has never been in my favourite genres list , I might think to grab this one now. Thanks for such a good review!
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Shannon Ruane
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Post by Shannon Ruane »


Reading this review made me wonder whether someone should attempt this (if it were possible)? Depending on accuracy, that could change the world faster than climate change. Thanks for warning us about loads of extra characters and that is a sequel. I might consider reading this.

Thank you for the wonderful review,

-Shannon Ruane
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Post by Tarie07 »

I can't magine how my life would be knowing my date of death. The book really sounds interesting. Thanks for the detailed review.
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Medhansh Bhardwaj
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Post by Medhansh Bhardwaj »

I am not really into political type books, but this one seems interesting. Knowing the date of your death is a different ballgame altogether. Thanks for the great review!
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Iqra Rafiq 1
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Post by Iqra Rafiq 1 »

A science thriller, full of suspense. I like the detailed review of the book, want to know who are the people who want to kill the president and how they are managing to do so? Want to know more about the viruses and other weapons used to murder him.
Although I don't like fictional books not a lover of them, this book is not for me but I liked the review and I got an insight into the book .Thanks for an honest and detailed review.
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addicted reader
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Post by addicted reader »

This book sounds like a great read. Science fiction is one of my favorite genres. Thanks for this insightful review. It really gave a glimpse of what the book is all about.
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Post by Amynwankwo_ »

This is a well written review and I must commend you. The story also, seems exciting and has sparked a curiosity inside me.
A good book a day, is all I ever need :tiphat: :techie-studyinggray:
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Post by Prarthna »

Your review has definitely piqued my curiosity. The unique concept of knowing the time of death is fascinating. This sci-fi novel which is full of suspense seems to be my type of book. Thanks for your insightful review :tiphat:
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Post by Luchris_michael »

The book is really a fascinating one. I love the wristwatch that predicts death. I would love to read. Good review.
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Post by Gabriella1997 »

Books about science and technology isn't my type of book, but I think this book is fascinating, nice review.
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Post by Nqobile771 »

Does this book predict the future? Is this where the world is heading? This book evokes a lot of emotions because at the rate things are happening, we are heading to a world that will be uninhabitable! Awesome review.
Documented history is a gift from the past to the future! - NqobileM
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