Official Review: A suicide story by A beautiful mind

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Official Review: A suicide story by A beautiful mind

Post by LinaMueller »

[Following is an official review of "A suicide story" by A beautiful mind.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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A Suicide Story by A Beautiful Mind is a fictional book that tells the story of a hardcore rock band called Suicidal. At the beginning of the book, the band was only known in the New York underground. Over time, however, the band's fame grows exponentially and becomes one of the top rock bands in the USA with worldwide fame. The book has two main characters. Rodger is the vocalist and leader of the band. He is a troubled young man who has problems with depression and has never overcome his father figure's absence. Damion is a black man and has a B.A. degree in communications. In the first pages, he is unhappy with his job because he thinks that what he is doing is too little for him.

The two characters, however, are best friends. Under Damion's intellectual leadership, Suicidal will prosper, and both friends will together use many drugs and commit the most absurd crimes, including extortion, robbery, murder, among others. The book contains extremely heavy content such as drug abuse, suicides, and even the death of children.

Incredible as it may seem and even containing extremely heavy content, the most outstanding quality of this book is that it is hilarious. Don't get me wrong, drugs are terrible and can ruin the lives of millions of families. I must make it clear that it is not my intention to glamorize this lifestyle. The point is that the author created amusing situations that are so absurd that they will make the reader roll on the floor with laughter. There is a scene in which Rodger decides to screw his friend Damion: he persuades him to skydive. The problem is that his rocker friend had paid the professional (who was going to jump with Damion) to pretend that the parachute cord was not working. I mean, what kind of friend does that? Damion then wakes up believing that he is dead, and Rodger and his addicted friends say: "Holy sh*t, duude! Did you f**k ’sh*t your pants? You smell like sh*t, dude. Turn around." And the most surprising thing is that this is not the most surreal scene in the book.

On the downside, I found many grammatical errors in the book. Misspelled words, non-capitalized proper nouns, improperly spaced letters, punctuation errors, you name it. That was very frustrating because I found this book incredibly amusing and exciting. As will be seen in the next paragraph, I had to follow the guidelines and not give it a perfect score.

Dear reader, have you ever had to write a review with a broken heart? Well, I do. A Suicide Story is one of the most enjoyable books I have read this year. It's a real page-turner, and many scenes will make you laugh a lot. I couldn't stop reading it for a minute, but I had to deduct one star from the final score with a heavy heart due to the reasons mentioned in the paragraph above. Thus, I rate it three out of four stars. I recommend this book to anyone interested in reading about underground rock bands and the whole sex, drug, and rock'n'roll environment. I counted over 100 swear words, and there are endless sex scenes. It is for this reason that I do not recommend this book to anyone under 16.

A suicide story
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Heart! We will forget him!
You an I, tonight!
You may forget the warmth he gave,
I will forget the light.

When you have done, pray tell me
That I my thoughts may dim;
Haste! lest while you're lagging.
I may remember him!

Emily Dickinson
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Post by Dzejn_Crvena »

This book reminds me of JOHN DIES AT THE END by David Wong.
(The style of conversation, that is. And there's also a mention of a special drug.)
I enjoyed reading that book, so I might enjoy reading this one, too.
I usually read novels with themes similar to this, so thank you for providing a descriptive review about the characters and plot of this book.
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Post by the_ashfeathers »

This book sounds so hilarious and I love comedies, honestly looks like my cup of tea, especially that parachute scene you described ooof. Got to read this one for sure sometime soon ;)
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Post by Mercy Osmond »

I love comedy books, but this book seems tragic. I will take a pass on this one.
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Pallavi Lakra
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Post by Pallavi Lakra »

Sounds like a book with lots of humor, comedy and dark sides as well. Would love to read. Thanks for the amazing review!
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Post by El_limitless »

It sounds like it's going to be a fun read, although you mentioned it has a couple of adverse events in it. I'll check it out nonetheless. Great review.
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Cherry Saraogi
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Post by Cherry Saraogi »

Woah! This review just reminded me of my own crazy friends. I am adding this to my shelf straightaway.
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Post by Reader-247 »

I thought this was going to be a morbid tale but this is opposite. Thanks for a detailed review
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Taniya Parmar06
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Post by Taniya Parmar06 »

This review was Amazing !!!
and a kind of my type of book.. got to read this one soon.!
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