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Twilight Vs. Harry Potter

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Post Number:#16 by Sheila
» 05 Aug 2008, 02:53

okay I may be way off base here as I have not read Twilight yet but I know from my friends who keep banging me over the head to go and read Twilight, and have mentioned Harry Potter to me, it has nothing to do with comapring the two books literally it is just that it gave them something to look foward too, like how they use to look foward to the new Harry Potters.
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Post Number:#17 by swapdp
» 06 Aug 2008, 06:48

They are both good series, personally I like Harry Potter
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Post Number:#18 by Lolla
» 08 Aug 2008, 02:51

I have to agree with the point that twilight and harry potter doesnt really have much to do with one another, but for the fact they're both fantasy/sci fi tipe novels. but held at gun point and i had to choose between the two i would not think twice about choosing twilight. no other books has ever drawn me in so much and the story stayed with me long after i finished the book. cant wait for breaking dawn and the first movie!
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Post Number:#19 by Angirach
» 10 Aug 2008, 12:36

I don't feel like things need to be compared.

Twilight series is entirely different from the intricate twistings of Potter. While I personally like the Twilight series first (only recently got into Potter books) I don't feel like its fair to juxtapose those two series because they are not comparable in length, kind of story or the experience of the author.

Both good.
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Twilight vs. Harry Potter

Post Number:#20 by Ender
» 14 Aug 2008, 12:28

The same can be said for me; at gun point, it'd have to be Harry Potter. While I enjoyed the Twilight series very much, Harry Potter was more my type of book. Twilight was a romance, but I got lost in it so much, that I kept forgetting it was romance. However, I don't think I could enjoy the movie coming up for Twilight. Too romantic, I'd have to have a girl there with me so I could tell everyone she wanted to watch it, not me. :P However, I don't see why a comparison has to be made. They are both great series, they both have their pro's and con's, and can both be enjoyed by many different people. I liked them both, I just preferred HP more than Twilight.
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Post Number:#21 by Kathy B
» 18 Aug 2008, 21:25

I think as far as literary value they are about the same - well written, enjoyable, great characters, fun story... but while Twilight romanticizes being needy and co-dependent, Potter is about self reliance and personal growth and surrounding yourself with people you trust. Overall I would recommend Potter to a young person far above Twilight.
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Post Number:#22 by sarahj
» 29 Aug 2008, 17:33

any books that pique kids' (and adults!) interests and drive them to read should be applauded. no need to compare - just read them! that said, twilight didn't hold a candle to potter for me! sjt
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Post Number:#23 by LawnTamer
» 06 Sep 2008, 06:35

Apples to oranges.... That being said. Harry Potter all the way.

I confess, I'm not into the romance scene, I about gagged making my way through the first 2 Twilight books. I'm not saying they are bad, but UUUGGG, how many pages of heartbreak can a guy stand from Bella?

I like Meyers' style OK, and we both went to the same university, but Harry Potter kicks butt, anyone from 4 to 104 yrs old can enjoy it... Besides, Bella is an idiot, she should dump Edward like a bad habit and go after Jacob. Jacob is cool, funny, fixes stuff, and happens to be a mortal who doesn't kill people and drink their blood, and isn't made of stone.... OK, he turns into a giant wolf occasionally, big deal.

Put yourself in Charlie's shoes, if your 17 yr old daughter fell in love with a 107 yr old bloodsucking vampire made of stone, what would you do? I'd be loading my Glock with silver bullets.
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Post Number:#24 by ophilye
» 23 Sep 2008, 11:25

I think the biggest reason to compare Harry Potter to the Twilight series is the success of the written word again.

For many years, Television became the primary source of entertainment... and music.. and then video games. I believe reading became a back-burner to the culture of anyone under age 20-ish.

Twilight has been embraced above the latest teen TV show much like Harry Potter was embraced above Pokemon. It has become so popular, you see EVERYONE reading them now.. (I am 30 and I just spilled through all 4 books in 5 days. My grandmother picked up twilight this week & is enjoying it as well). It is rare to see books so popular that it spills so easily between generations.

I will say.. while Harry Potter was good, it did not entice me to continue my reading, but instead to jump into more Fantasy-type gaming.

Twilight, however, has me looking for the next Vampire/romance novel I can get my hands on.. so, in that respect, I truly favor Twilight over HP.
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Post Number:#25 by lincolnlam
» 27 Sep 2008, 00:09

I feel Harry Potter was caught up with the hype and trend that followed the book. The children who were never into reading, read it to fit in. Not saying it was a bad book or anything, but I don't feel that it was anything new.

Anyone know of any process J. K. Rowling use to create the story? It would be interesting to see any research that went into creating the series.
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Post Number:#26 by BlueBlack
» 09 Oct 2008, 10:14

I personally cannot choose between these 2 books because I love them both. I'm equally addicted to both. I don't blame people for calling it the "new Harry Potter" because the craze for Twilight saga books are similar to those for the Harry Potter ones.
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Post Number:#27 by bellerina
» 13 Nov 2008, 05:40

I thought that Harry Potter was much better written although I love the Twilight's storyline. When reading Twilight I often felt as though I was reading the work of some of my school friends when I was in high-school.

I think that Stephanie Meyer has a tendancy to overwrite. Her work is not as polished as JK Rowling's. It seems to me that Stephanie Meyer has just gone BLAH and written everything the moment that it popped into her head and then filled the pages without going back to rework and perfect things.

The characters in Twilight were not as believeable for me as those in Harry Potter. I don't think they were as well portrayed.

Besides all that, Twilight is still an awesome series. Definitely worth reading.
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Post Number:#28 by futureperfect
» 13 Nov 2008, 16:10

I personally prefer Harry Potter as i just found it a lot more of an enjoyable series, pretty much for the same reasons as most people have already said.
And i completely agree that Stephenie Meyer has a habit of overwriting and just filling pages.
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Post Number:#29 by Perrywinkle47
» 02 Sep 2010, 07:58

Well I liked both but still there is no comparison. I think people compare them because twilight created a big hype when it was out, and people eagerly waited for the sequel so it kinda took us back to the HP days.
Yeah rite HP is more about friendship whereas twilight is a pure though super-ordinary love story.
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Post Number:#30 by StephenKingman
» 02 Sep 2010, 11:48

Neither. I would rather sit through a day's worth of the God Channel than watch either a Twilight or Harry Potter movie, hate the mass-produced cheap and cliched rubbish.
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