Official Review: Geneva's Truth by Tomeka Walker Ewing

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Latest Review: Geneva's Truth by Tomeka Walker Ewing

Official Review: Geneva's Truth by Tomeka Walker Ewing

Post by Mindi »

[Following is an official review of "Geneva's Truth" by Tomeka Walker Ewing.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Geneva's Truth is a very inspiring and heartfelt story by Tomeka Walker Ewing. Ewing tells this story almost like it is about her own true experiences, yet it is actually fictional. The character of Geneva seems like a very real person because of the strong probability that many women have lived life with similar circumstances to those that she faced.

The story is told from Geneva's point of view. When the reader meets Geneva in the first chapter, Geneva talks about that "one thing" that happens in the lives of many people. That is something which changes their outlook on everything. Many times, that "one thing" is not a positive experience, yet the person that each of us becomes is affected greatly by that thing. Throughout the book, Geneva brings up that "one thing" a few times, but it is not until the end of the book that she reveals what that thing was in her own life. In the meantime, we learn Geneva's life story, which is that of a woman who appears to have everything in life, including a husband, kids, nice job, nice house, etc. However, her own inner life is less than perfect, and everything that she had appeared to have on the outside begins to quickly unravel. All of Geneva's downfalls in life lead her to feelings of depression and hopelessness. A few key experiences and significant people in her life, though, begin to help Geneva see that there is still hope and that she still has worth. Both positive and negative experiences, including that "one thing" that happens in the end, come together to change Geneva and her views of herself and life in general.

So much of this book was very inspiring. I cried along with Geneva as she went through all of the turmoil that seemed to tear her life apart. Each character held a special purpose in the story. Geneva's son and daughters, as well as her parents, each had a certain depth to their characters, and they seemed very realistic. When certain characters or situations caused pain for Geneva, I could feel the reality of these experiences. I enjoyed reading about the various family members and friends who helped Geneva and were there for her, even when she was at her lowest point. Despite being a fictional story, it held a lot of truth.

The book also has some Christian aspects to it. Geneva talks about how God helped her through many of the downfalls and lies in her life. However, the book does not focus much on specific religious beliefs or preachiness. It is more about God's mercy and grace in the good and the bad times. It was very inspirational.

I cannot find anything negative to say about this story. There was an older version that I reviewed, and it had some grammar mistakes. Those readers who have purchased this book in the past may notice many grammar errors. However, the newer version has improved greatly. I believe there are a handful of very small errors, but overall, it is nicely edited.

I definitely recommend this book for anyone looking for an inspiring story of a woman who has dealt with many losses and lies, yet has learned to put her trust in God and the people that love her. I feel like many readers will enjoy this book. I will rate it 4 out of 4 stars. The book has been edited well, and it is a wonderful story. Therefore, I see no reason to not give it all 4 stars. I hope that it is an inspiration to many who choose to read this book.

This reviewer previously reviewed an earlier edition of the book.
Geneva's Truth
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Post by Tonze »

I feel like the story of Geneva is sad and somehow helpful, we all have had downfalls once or more in our life but it takes strong heart , courage and God grace to overcame all that life throw to us. Thanks for your nice review,I enjoyed it very Much

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Post by Joan642 »

This book is really inspiring. Though her life was quite a sad one, it was good that there still were people around her who were able to show her that there was still hope for her. Nice job on the review.

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Post by Kate Park »

This review made me want to read this book. So many people seem so perfect on the outside but are actually very broken on the inside. A book that talks about this subject with hope and realistic characters sounds like a gem among books. Thank you for your review.

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Post by shamayelnur »

The book seems to be very heart touching and consumes the reader. Im sure it has well connected with the emotions we feel while reading. Thanks for the review. It was great!

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Post by Tarilan »

I think the book is more like a come back story. This is good because many people need as much inspiration as they can get.

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