Official Review: Cosconna by Andrew Malleson

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Official Review: Cosconna by Andrew Malleson

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[Following is an official review of "Cosconna" by Andrew Malleson.]
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2 out of 4 stars
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Cosconna by Andrew Malleson is a series of conversations between the author and a reincarnated goddess, Cosconna. Cosconna means cosmic consciousness. She was brought into being by the author's mind and regained her status as a deity because of him.

Their goal was to save the world from the clutches of evil people who only wanted to misappropriate the earth's resources for their gain. After they united in their common goal, they began to have several profound discussions about certain events that shaped history and the things that should be changed. These discussions spanned several life areas, including the origins of life, sexuality, gender roles, religion, education, business, and politics.

This book looks into the possibilities and the advantages of shifting our focus from a God we have venerated all this while to another one. It suggests a radical cosmic change or shift in our systems, behaviors, and thought patterns to save the earth from imminent destruction.

The author presents his ideas in a way that makes them fun to read. The conversation between the two characters is enlightening and interesting. The dialogue is direct and well written. There is little background detail of the main characters, as the author seems to think it will detract the reader from the book's central ideas.

This book shares many radical ideas, philosophies, and opinions. The conversation is not entirely objective — it is also controversial and biased. It will be more appealing to women and non-religious folks.

A few things didn't sit well with me. The book contains several references to poems and other spoken and written works by writers, scientists, and politicians over the years. However, the author provides no reference section. This makes it difficult to get further clarification or do more research. For someone who likes to verify facts, this will be off-putting. This is the biggest issue I have with the book.

The book also contradicted itself sometimes. For example, humans were accredited, in the beginning, with creating gods themselves. Later on, it was said that God created humans. Similarly, a god/goddess was said not to exist unless someone believes in them. Later on, it was revealed that gods had been in existence long before creating humans who would then believe in them. I found this to be a tad confusing. My reading experience would have significantly suffered if not for the fun way the author presented his thoughts.

There were a plethora of errors, and the book could use another round of professional editing. I'd give it two out of four stars. There wasn't much that fascinated me except the author's writing style. I wouldn't give it a lower rating because some readers might be interested in the author's thoughts. It would be a reasonably enjoyable read for feminists and other sets of people interested in new and different ways of running the world.

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Bertha Jackson
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Post by Bertha Jackson »

To say the least, this book does sound interesting. Thank you for your review.
Bertha R. Jackson :D
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Post by sssns »

The concept behind the book is promising as it presents a different take on what is already established. However, the sources of information are important for validation. I hope the author improves on the citation of references, the contradicting ideas, and poor editing. Thank you so for the balanced review and recommendation.

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Post by raluca_mihaila »

I love a good book about gods, especially new ones :). I am sorry that you had to drop 2 stars because of the presentation and the confusing story. Thank you for your great review!

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Post by Drianie »

This is not my usual cup of tea, although the premise does sound interesting. Good job on your informative review!

Cynthia Olyy
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Post by Cynthia Olyy »

Cosmic consciousness brought to life by the human mind will make a beautiful read. It's right up my alley. Thanks for this review!

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Post by HannahsReads »

This certainly sound like a unique personal theology! Thanks for your honest review.

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Post by VVaishali »

The ideas in the book seem to be contradictory, but I believe we live in a paradoxical world anyway. Also, it seems the book has some new and different ideas and philosophies to offer and can be an interesting read. Thanks for the review. :)

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This book really sounds contradicting,but the reviewer however drafted out what it looks like,I will say that this book is a non religious book because many religion will doubt most of its facts.

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