Official Review: Karinya by Paul Drewitt

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Chigo Nwagboso
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Official Review: Karinya by Paul Drewitt

Post by Chigo Nwagboso »

[Following is an official review of "Karinya" by Paul Drewitt.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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Change doesn't come easily. The road to greatness and success is not always a smooth ride. Karinya by Paul Drewitt is a fictionalized story that revolves around the Aboriginal community of Karinya in urban Darwin. The people of Karinya were abandoned by their government and left to rot in abject poverty. As a result, chaos was the only norm in the town. They all craved a change in their fortunes, but who will bell the cat?

Kirra, the protagonist, is a 17-year-old girl who was born into poverty and has experienced sexual harassment in her community. She lives with her sick aunt, Diane. Her dream is to be an activist to stand up to the injustices, take action, and carve a new direction. She got inspired by thinking about great achievers like Luke Skywalker and Eddie Mabo, who were activists in their times. The journey for a change begins when Banjo, her boyfriend, wins a lottery for them to spend 24 hours in Mirambeena Resort, Darwin. What would have otherwise been an exciting day at the resort turns out to be the day they started running from the police. But what crime did Banjo and Kirra commit? Will Kirra still be able to pursue her dreams? Read this intriguing title to find out.

What I liked the most about this book is the strong relationship between Kirra and Banjo. The fact that they continued to support each other all through is worthy of emulation. The author's writing style makes this book an easy and entertaining read. Karinya was an excellent read from the beginning to the end for me. The whole storyline was so natural and relatable. This story will inspire and motivate the reader to be a great patriot because change begins with us. I also liked that Kirra was daring and refused to chicken out in the face of challenges.

The author developed unique characters that will keep the reader engaged throughout the book. Kudos, Mr. Drewitt! It helps that the author describes events in such a way that you feel like you were physically witnessing them. I greatly feared for the safety of Kirra and Banjo and wished I could warn them of danger. I bet your heart will be racing so fast during your read if you decide to pick this book up. It's an adventurous book filled with twists and turns. It may have a sequel, and I will be eagerly waiting to grab it.

Prospective readers should know there is a lot of swear words in this book. Nevertheless, it didn't deter my enjoyment because I realized it was the common language used in the Karinya community. This book needs another round of editing work, as I found so many grammatical errors. I, therefore, give this book 3 out of 4 stars. I reluctantly detracted one star because of the typos I encountered. If the typos were absent, I would gladly give the book the perfect rating because I enjoyed Paul's work. This book will inspire readers to think of how they can bring positive change in their communities.

I highly recommend this book to lovers of fictionalized stories, especially those who yearn for change and are willing to stand for what is right regardless of the circumstances and the risks involved. However, this read is not suitable for younger readers because of the well-detailed sex scenes and its violent content.

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Post by aaurba »

I like how insightful and detailed your review is. It seems that the book is really good and that you enjoyed it well given that you were reluctant in giving it three out of four stars.
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Post by Cynthia Olyy »

I see Kirra and Bango as core elements of change in their community. I also know it won't be a very easy task. By the way, I like swear words, so bring it on!
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Olabode Joshua
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Post by Olabode Joshua »

I can feel the plot twist by reading your review. Hahaha... I don't mind swear words either. They seem to add flavour hahaha... This is a wonderful review, Chigo.
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Post by justhereader »

I enjoyed reading your very detailed review. Seems like this is an interesting book. I’m glad you liked it.
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Post by Slater678 »

Story of Kirra is quite inspiring because of her resolve to want to fight for the rights of her marginalised community. I hope she makes it despite the problem she encounters at the resort. Nnice review.
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Adanna Inya
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Post by Adanna Inya »

Kirra's story is quite sad and inspiring at the same time. I'll like to know what crime they committed. Beautiful review.
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Post by azidy »

Your review got me really interested in this book. I'm used to reading young adult fiction with superficial characters and without any important, real-world problems. This one seems to portray a unique and important perspective about poverty and people's rights. Great job on the review!
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Sou Hi
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Post by Sou Hi »

Thanks for your exciting review. This seems to be a thrilling book that I may enjoy.
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Post by rahilshajahan »

Banjo didnt win no lottery. He robbed, right? Oh man! Or they are being framed of robbery! My brain is reelig already. I will give this one a read. Thanks for your recommendation.
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Post by kdstrack »

I love this setting and your description of the dilemma the characters are facing. You have me intrigued as to how this will turn out! Great writing. This is one I want to read. Thanks!
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Post by kandscreeley »

Kirra sounds like a great character. Despite what she's done - whatever that may be - I do hope that she is able to achieve her dream! Thanks so much for an interesting review.
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Post by Kevivas03 »

I rarely see stories which are centred around regions such as Australasia. Women protagonists help to drive issues to do with equal rights etc. So they are vital.
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Kate Park
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Post by Kate Park »

Your very insightful review makes me want to give this book a try. I'm sure the relationship between Kirra and Banjo would be very interesting to see developed throughout the book.
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Post by shamayelnur »

Stories of activism is so intriguing. I already like the character of Kirra, someone whos willing to bring a positive chage for everyones betterment. Thanks for your great judgement
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