Official Review: Hooyah 2 by Pat Riot

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Official Review: Hooyah 2 by Pat Riot

Post by ciecheesemeister »

[Following is an official review of "Hooyah 2" by Pat Riot.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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HOOYAH 2 More Manly Tales of Epic Navy SEAL Awesomeness is a comedy adventure by Pat Riot. It details how Pat Riot, real name Bruce Allen Michael Freeman AKA BAMF trained with the elite Navy SEAL team to become the most elite and awesome SEAL of them all.

Most of BAMF’s team admired him, but he and Robert Robertson, AKA Bobertson, clashed from the beginning of their time serving together. Bobertson made the mistake of clinging to BAMF’s leg and trying to slow him down during a training exercise in a shark-filled ocean. This was the first of many humiliating and painful moments for Bobertson, who spends his time thereafter trying to find ways to get revenge on BAMF.

I give HOOYAH 2 three out of four stars. I think that the book was professionally edited. There were a few minor errors that did not detract from the overall reading experience. The book was well-written, and the story flowed well. However, there were times when the jokes simply didn’t land for me.

Although the jokes didn’t always land, there was really nothing that I disliked about the book. I found it refreshing to enjoy a story packed with ridiculous, hyperviolent slapstick sending up the hypermasculinity of the action genre. The only female character in the story wasn’t really a character in the story. The hypermasculine SEAL team enjoyed watching G.I. Jane because they found the idea of a woman in the military comical.

The Islamic terrorists are caricatures who are killed in ridiculous fashions such as the BGK or Bad Guy Kabob, which involves skewering a row of villains with the collapsible trident that all SEALS carry. As BAMF says of the Bad Guy Kabob, “few SEALs, in their entire careers, get to see one attempted let alone make one themselves.”

Most of the SEALs are conservative, Christian white men with lean, muscular builds. Commander Mac is “a large black man, hailing from the southern border of Texas. He had a deep, thick Texas drawl, and he did not tolerate weakness.” Instructor Romero “hailed from one of the Mexican countries south of our southern border. He was only 5’9 but a solid bundle of muscle, brains, and tacos.”

It is nearly impossible to kill a SEAL, especially if they have duct tape on hand, which they always do. One of their mottos is “duck it up and suck it up.” BAMF repairs his own broken legs with duct tape, and the team use duct tape to put the severed halves of a companion’s body back together during a battle.

Overall, I had fun reading HOOYAH 2. The humor is crude, off-color, and deliberately offensive. It utilizes stereotypes in a hyperbolic fashion for the purpose of ridiculing those stereotypes. Those who prefer more refined and politically correct humor will not enjoy this book.

Hooyah 2
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Post by Stephanie Elizabeth »

This sounds like a great read for those with a crude sense of humor. Not sure how I feel about the way they talked about "G.I Jane," though. I think I will pass on this one, but your review is perfect; thanks!

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Post by Nisha Ward »

Sometimes one just wants something crude and wholly cliched to read, I guess. I might check this out later.
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Post by Faithy_Star »

"It utilizes stereotypes in a hyperbolic fashion for the purpose of ridiculing those stereotypes." This piqued my interest in this book. Nice review!

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Post by Nqobile771 »

Thanks for the review but I think I will pass. My sense of humor is quiet awkward. I might go through the entire book without finding anything funny.

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