Official Review: It’s In God’s Hands

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Vic Chimezie
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Official Review: It’s In God’s Hands

Post by Vic Chimezie »

[Following is an official review of "It’s In God’s Hands" by Roger Ray Rogers.]
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2 out of 4 stars
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Something is coming towards the earth with supersonic speed, and somewhere in America is inferred to be ground zero. Hey, it is Jesus! He is coming to save all who are willing to confess their sins, ask for forgiveness, and be born again.

It's In God's Hands by Roger Ray Rogers is a fictional story about the second coming of Jesus Christ in today's society. Jesus visits America first and is giving all who are willing to accept him as their savior, the promise of eternal life in bliss. In his journey, some people do not believe he is the messiah and some plot to take his life. But will many take this second chance? Will plots against him succeed? You have to read this book to find out.

Roger Ray is on a deliberate quest to win souls through Jesus in this book. Though a fictionalized piece, the author is relying on readers' familiarity with Jesus in the Bible to create Jesus' character in the book. Thus, there was no background story on Jesus. I must commend the author for being able to fuse Biblical prophecies with fiction. I fell in love with Jesus' character in this book; he is funny, a good singer, and an agile sportsman.

I love the use of simple language in this book. The author stayed the course of making sure the book came out concise and clear. He didn't dwell much on the descriptions of characters and their surroundings. Instead, he concentrates on narrating the events that portray the social ills in our world and the supernatural powers of Jesus.

There are 29 short chapters in the book, and each has a title that conveys a minimal summary of its content. There is a clear intention to bring some of the societal ills in the world to light. The author uses Jesus to talk about issues like animal cruelty, terrorism, and domestic violence, to mention but a few. I appreciate the strong message to the influential in our society: to be better role models and good examples to others. Thank you, Mr. Rogers.

What I disliked most about this book was the political statement in it. I didn't understand why Jesus compared the past and present presidents of the United States. Though a fictional work, it wasn't necessary to the plot and might provoke some. Also, I think the other characters in the book were not well-developed. There was neither a signature detail nor a backstory for them. Hence, I didn't feel any tension as expected with fictionalized stories. Keeping the pros and cons in mind, I rate this book 2 out of 4 stars. I found this book to be clean, professionally edited, and with a few typos. I recommend this book to Christians who like fiction stories, though any curious reader can still give it a try.

It’s In God’s Hands
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Post by Honest-reviewer »

I think I will have to pass this book since this is not my genre. However, I appreciate your honest review. Thanks!

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Post by gabrielletiemi »

I like that the author used a simple language, making it easier to understand the story. Although I'm not reiligous, I might give this book a try since it brings such a different premise about the second coming of Jesus. I also found interesting Jesus character in the book. Thanks for the insightful review! Great job.

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Miriam Molina
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Post by Miriam Molina »

Jesus doing the rock and roll? Playing rugby and basketball? Cracking jokes? This I got to see. But I agree that politics shouldn't have come into the picture. Don't you tell me Jesus has a party choice!

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Post by Kirsi_78 »

Thanks for mentioning that there's politics included. Without that aspect this book would definitely be interesting, it is always interesting to hear how different people picture Jesus and his character!

Nice review, I enjoyed reading it! :)

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Elvis Best
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Post by Elvis Best »

This book sounds rather interesting, although I also do not like the inclusion of politics. I enjoyed reading this review. Good job!
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Post by Priyanka2304 »

I have read a lot of religious books. Hope to read this one too pretty soon. Thanks for your wonderful review.

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Post by jennydelacruz »

I usually steer away from religious books or books that are inclined to a specific religion, so I may have to pass. You have written a straightforward and honest review, I really appreciate it. Thanks for being truthful :)

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Post by book_fanatic_ »

Sounds like an intriguing concept. I'm sorry about the mention of political elements in the book. Thank you for the honest review.
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Post by unamilagra »

This sounds like a creative book, but I agree that comparing Jesus to presidents is not appropriate. Thanks for your honest review!

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Post by TCG »

Who said His coming would start from America? This book appears to present a critical point. Chimezie, you have written a great review.

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Post by Ashley-Osuna »

Sounds like a very interesting topic, even when Christianity isn't necessarily my favorite topic. Thank you for the honest review!

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Post by Betareader1 »

With what is going on in the world today. This review makes me curious enough to read this book. Thank you

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Kenesha L Fowler
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Post by Kenesha L Fowler »

Okay. I really liked your review, let me just say. This book, however, is not for me. I don't like the image being projected of Jesus, even bearing in mind that this is fiction. I think that in his quest to win souls, the author would have done better to stick closer to Jesus's character as presented in the Bible. Nevertheless, thanks for an engaging review.
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Post by Teele »

Thanks for a clear review. Its not a book I would read anyway. I can always get stories about Jesus from the bible.

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