Featured Official Review: A Lucky Turn? by Karl Summers

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Re: Featured Official Review: A Lucky Turn? by Karl Summers

Post by Nqobile771 »

It sounds like a nice read with intriguing story lines. Thanks for the review.
Latest Review: Fulfillment by ICA

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Post by AnnOgochukwu »

I never knew there was such a genre as Black comedy. Being a fluent lover of humor and sarcasm, this is a genre I'd really like to try out.
Nice review.
Live and let live, baby!

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Post by Saint Bruno »

Your review has piqued my interest to read this title. Thank you for you detailed review and recommendation!

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Post by ankushavhad »

After a lot of serious books, looking forward to reading a mood swinging book, and A Lucky Turn? seemed the right option. Hope it helps to get in the lighter sides pool of humor.

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Post by Chumbaa20 »

The emotions mentioned in this review would definitely lead one to grab his or her own copy. Great!

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Anna Dougherty
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Post by Anna Dougherty »

I enjoy dark humor, I think its more clever than regular humor. Thank you for your great review!

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Post by Laviey »

I have read some dark novels before, but I don’t think they were what you would call dark humor. If I get a chance to read this book, maybe I will like it. Or not. I am not that against cussing, but vulgarity sorta throws me off at time if its really distasteful.

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Post by Harshwy »

I have liked this because of its black comedy.I always liked books with dark humour.Great book to read

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Post by Ra_ramonster »

I'm seriously thinking of reading this, you had me hooked and now I want to know more.

Laura Mich
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Post by Laura Mich »

I have not read any black comedy before. This review left me thirsting for more.

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Post by Justjaal_ »

The plot sounds very interesting but I'm not a big fan of dark humor, so I don't think I could read it :eusa-think:

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Post by Bookninja30 »

This sounds really fascinating! I haven't really much ventured into dark comedies, but the book that I am reviewing now is actually making me interested in a genre I haven't tried yet. Who knows, maybe this one will open up a new type of story for me that I will like, as well! It is going on my reading list. Thanks for your review! :techie-studyinggray: :techie-reference:

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Post by muhamadkevinharla »

I realy never read a black comedy but this book make me happy, this is real for me and then this book not make me boring good

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Post by Espeters »

The review is very interesting, also it points out the main topics that are catchy, mysterious, and adventurous. These people I can certainly tell they have nothing to lose they want to hit the jackpot! Looks to me this story will be a great read.

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Post by moonopam »

:tiphat: This is a good review though I don't like vulgar language. I would recommend this book for those who like such vulgar language. Although I like the book because it brings mixed emotions and humor to the reader.

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