Review by Faye-dallon -- The Cat Man by Nick Bruechle

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Review by Faye-dallon -- The Cat Man by Nick Bruechle

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[Following is a volunteer review of "The Cat Man" by Nick Bruechle.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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The cat man by Nick Bruechle is a tragicomic love story set in a crazy cat cult.The book is an enthralling and frightening novel that deals with the satirical study of leadership, dynamics and the behavior of cats. It is an interesting book with thirty-nine chapters. There is a quote in the beginning of every chapter that ends with the word "be like a cat" by the cult leader - Casper.The quote highlights the narration in that chapter. Nick Bruechle is an Australian surfer, writer and hausfrau. He has spent over thirty-five years in the advertisement industry and loves to travel.

The narrative is based on the satirical study of felinism as a church of believers who share in a common practice. The cult, "felinism", is basically a belief that picks up from the behaviors and practises of cats. The group has adopted their practises into a lifestyle. The leader, alpha Tom Casper, lures people into the practice by writing teachings and compelling information about cats on books, magazines and various social media platforms. It is from these materials that the followers study and conform to the ways of a cat. Casper himself behaves like a cat. He has a tendency of having people around him, taking his commands and doing things for him at the snap of a figure.

Rex is a dog person and is in love with Chloe. Rex is surrounded by the catty Chloe, Casper and Casper's other followers. Rex is smart, sensitive and skilled in the field of carpentry. Rex puts up with Chloe's behavior and Casper's brutality. He is faithful and loyal just like a dog to his masters. However, will he always do it? Will Rex continue watching as Casper mistreats and swindles money from his followers? Will Rex cross paths with someone who dislikes Casper as much as he does?

I liked the development of characters by Bruechle. The quotes in every chapter are informed and provide a perfect background information for the reader on the concept behind felinism and what to expect.The thematic concerns of love, gullibility and manipulation were tackled well. The plot is well thought out with moral lessons appealing to the life of the reader. Every stage: the exposition, climax and resolution stages were creatively constructed. This was clearly evident in his vivid descriptions of events, scenes and characters.

I found the novel hilarious. I liked the author's comparison of our normal behaviors as human beings with those of cats. Although the novel had some profanity, there were no grammatical errors. The novel was edited correctly. I, therefore, rate The Cat Man by Nick Bruechle four out of four stars. There is also nothing that I did not like about this novel. The plot had a consistent flow and the ending is spectacular. I recommend the book to any reader that loves comical work and cats in general.

The Cat Man
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Post by Kanda_theGreat »

I enjoyed reading your summary of this book, and it even increased my desire to read the book itself.
Thank you for the review.
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