Featured Official Review: Beware of Wolves by J. Jai Brown

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Latest Review: Beware of Wolves by J. Jai Brown
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Featured Official Review: Beware of Wolves by J. Jai Brown

Post by klbradley »

[Following is an official OnlineBookClub.org review of "Beware of Wolves" by J. Jai Brown.]
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Beware of Wolves by J. Jai Brown is an inclusive and brutally honest personal testimony of the author's experience in dealing with a narcissistic individual, referred to as a "wolf." Published in October of 2019 by Christian Faith Publishing, Inc., the author's account focuses on different ways to identify a wolf, as well as dealing with and removing yourself from one.

Based on the author's individual experience of dealing with a wolf for many years, she can assuredly identify the key traits and warning signals of a wolf, who tend to use and abuse those who care for him or her. Although written in a respectful manner, the author is careful to adequately identify the sociopathic tendencies of someone who lacks remorse for their actions while destroying others. Ranging from general abuse of power to sexual deviancy, the wolf constantly takes advantage of others to get what he wants for himself alone.

Beware of Wolves is broken down into 7 easy to follow sections while including specific and relatable biblical quotes to allow readers an opportunity to follow His word and applying His guidance in overcoming the obstacles that can have traumatic emotional harm if not reconciled correctly. Included within the 7 sections are The Scientific Definition of a Sociopath, The Church Sociopath, The Perfect Prey, The Minion, How to Let Go of the Sociopath, If You Are a Sociopath, a Word for You and Summary and Concluding Thoughts.

After reading Beware of Wolves, I can confidently say that I've become more aware than ever of wolves in my personal life and have discovered the ways most appropriate for escaping the control of someone with corrupt intentions. Although it's not uncommon to have someone who can be referred to as a wolf in our everyday lives, the author successfully points out that there are often wolves present in the church as well, which can appear deceiving to those who trust, admire and rely on them. Despite the common misconception perceived with the hope and expectation that those involved in the church can be highly trusted, it's clear from the author's experience that it's sometimes those who can hurt us most while we are unaware of their selfish tendencies.

While reading Beware of Wolves, I was pleased with the professional editing that has gone into the writing, as I found no grammatical or spelling errors along the way. I rate Beware of Wolves 4 out of 4 stars and would confidently recommend this book to all readers as a way to encourage positive mental health awareness and the ability to identify those who are not proactively contributing.

Beware of Wolves
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Post by Irene_A »

Love the overall concept of the book. Indeed it is important for one to be able to discern a wolf particulary in a church setting. Thanks for the review.

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Post by Kathleen Wolfe »

I find this topic quite interesting. It would be pretty useful if you could identify people who mean to hurt you. Thanks for the review!

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Post by Sufi_khan »

This sounds like an interesting book. Everyday life can make it difficult for people to identify narcissists as they are charming and manipulative. So if this book clearly lists out how to identify and deal with such situations , it is a book worth exploring.
Thank you for an informative review.

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Post by FEislandqueen13 »

this is certainly a timeless subject. We all either have wolves in our lives or are the wolves ourselves. :shock: I've dealt with such people but never referred to those individuals as 'wolves. ' Think I'm going to be using that term a lot more now.

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Post by LoganWhite05 »

I love it and the concept of the wolf and exploring makes the book a lot better.

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Post by Jimmy7211 »

It a good book day when you can drown out everything around you and get in the book and think you are one of the characters in it

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Post by Dr_ollayemi »

Reading the review has really been satisfying and worthwhile... We all have them around us. They pretend to be our friends and want the best for us but deeply buried within them is a reservoir of hate and disgust towards us. Society rightly term them as "toxic people" who should be avoided at all cost in order to maintain our emotional vitality... Wonderful book I must say

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Anafi Rollo
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Post by Anafi Rollo »

The title itself is intriguing and interesting

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Post by Makaelaruiz17 »

I like how they break the book down to let readers follow his word

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Post by kdhutchinson »

FEislandqueen13 wrote:
23 Mar 2020, 07:50
this is certainly a timeless subject. We all either have wolves in our lives or are the wolves ourselves. :shock: I've dealt with such people but never referred to those individuals as 'wolves. ' Think I'm going to be using that term a lot more now.

I thought this same thing while reading this review! I think the author is describing a whole personality type as a "wolf," but I started to wonder myself whether at times I have displayed some "wolf-ish" qualities. I know we would all like to think we are the good guy, but I think this book could lend to some self reflection! Sounds very interesting!
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The concept of this books looks very fresh. I would like to read it because I think I might be able to use it to distance myself from people who are self centered.

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Post by purpleroseberry »

Very nicely written...Thanks for the review..Can't wait to read this book.

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Post by Mbalewechinonso »

Good review...I know now that the wolves can be identified and also to cut ties from such people. Thanks again for the review

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Post by ivana7 »

I think a lot of people can relate to this book. Whether they are surrounded by wolves, or they are a wolf themselves. Thank you for your review!

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