Official Review: God For A Day by Robin R Rabii

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Re: Official Review: God For A Day by Robin R Rabii

Post by Do57 »

I think he misses the point completely. The book only deals with the symptoms. He has not made any effort to delve at the source or to clearly state what his own believes are. I also find the language distasteful and not in line with the subject matter. It's not a book for me.

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Post by Susmita Biswas »

God For A Day by Robin R Rabii is about getting God's power for one day. I would love to get the power. This book reminds me about Bruce Almighty.
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Post by Vickie Noel »

"Unlike the original God, Rabii would be much bolder in his approach, favoring swift retribution..." This already gives the impression that the real God isn't bold enough to tackle the world's problems and that he's too slow. This is actually the exact opposite, thus proving why I personally cannot read this book. While I totally understand the author's feelings of depression concerning world events, I know and understand why all this time had to pass before God takes action, and I genuinely can't make light or dark humor out of such serious issues. Thanks for the review.
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Post by samithalankara »

i think it also good for any life,because we need to some special our situation.. thank for you

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Post by Fazzier »

I like the author's premise for this book. I like religious books, and I wouldn't mind dark humor contained in this. Thank you for this wonderful review!
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Post by Junu_7 »

I found the subject very interesting. I think the book has very lesson to make world aware. I think the writer has found the new way to slam the people and

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Post by Sam Ibeh »

Now I'm asking myself the question: what would I do if God gave me His powers for a day? Before then, I'd love to know what Rabii plans to do.

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Post by maxiphemmax »

sound like an incredulous book, though not in my genre of reading. Kinda wary of the usage of the Power of omnipotent God. I'll pass on this. Thanks for thIs review though.

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Post by Shrabastee »

Very intriguing premise, one that I myself often pondered on. Good to know that humor is a major part of this book. Thanks for the awesome review!

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Post by winecellarlibrary »

I do not read religious books, even when satirical. However, your review really highlight's the author's ability to make light of such a serious topic.
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Post by dragonet07 »

I'm sure most of us have thought about what we would do if we were God for a day--after all, why else would have movies like Bruce Almighty? As social media makes us more and more aware of just how quickly the world is going to hell in a handbasket, the question seems even more relevant. I could use some dark--and borderline sacrilegious--humor right now as well, so this book sounds right for me. Thank you for the helpful review.
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Post by N_eback01 »

It’s a short little book describing what it would be like if God gave his powers to a man for one day and where he would deal with them including being able to do it just as it has a little bit of profanity one instance and there’s only a few capitalization errors in punctuation mark other than that it’s four out of four stars

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Post by OllyM »

It seems like a good book but I don't think it's my type of novel.
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Post by InStoree »

In my vision, I see God having a developed sense of humor, so I would love to see the author's perspective regarding God's daily responsibilities. This book raises some intriguing questions, but being God for A Day... sounds overwhelming. I think the only easy part of this designation would be that you already have your place assured in Heaven 😇 . I'm looking forward to reading this ironical work. Excellent review! Thank you!
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Post by rave_2 »

The humor in this book definitely sounds a bit twisted, but the topic of how we would fix our world in a short amount of time seems thought provoking. Wonderful review!
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