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Official Review: Spirit of Comedy by Max McCullan by Zoe7

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Official Review: Spirit of Comedy by Max McCullan by Zoe7

Post Number:#1 by MrEmDash
» 23 Jan 2013, 21:45

[Following is the official review of "Spirit of Comedy by Max McCullan" by Zoe7.]

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WARNING: This book contains masturbation and jokes that may be offensive to Chrstians, Jews, and anyone who believes in God. If you are offended by anything mentioned above, do not read this book.

Now that we've cleared that up, let's start. Spirit of Comedy by Max McCullan by Zoe7 is a comedy, 'Book Zero' of a series. It's very short (30 pages ish), but pretty hilarious and a good book to kick off the series. It starts with God talking to a psychiatrist about his maturbation problems. He can't seem to "stop wanking" as He puts it. In fact, God himself has quite the dirty mouth. He did invent these words, so He feels that it can say whatever he wishes. They talk before God and the psychiatrist leave, waiting for the next meeting.

It then turns to the diary of Max McCullan, who is a "sick" man. He was hit on the head with a pipe in an accident (he's a plumber). Ever since then, he seems to have multiple personality disorder. One of those personalities being Mister Triple-X, a confident comedian who loves to masturbate and joke about it. He's completely different from the introvert person of Max McCullan. He can't believe that he would go to a nightclub and tell jokes about masturbation, but his friend videotapes it, and sure enough, he does! So Max goes to a psychiatrist to talk to him about this problems and what's going wrong with him.

In another twist, the author of the book shows up to argue about imagination and who's in who's imagination. It appears that the characters are in the imagination of the author who's also in someone else imagination, thus rendering the author being the author moot. Then another friend, the Spirit of Comedy shows up, laughing himself into the conversation. As you can probably tell, this story is filled with lots of twists and turns, complete 180's of direction, and absolute, random, meaningless hilarity. The end is yet another twist that is the final hilarious part that ends this story, and catapults it into the first book.

I thought the writing overall was hilarious, and kept me interested the entire time. What made it interesting were the twists that happened every few pages. Everytime you thought that something wasn't going to happen and things settled down, something random, but funny, happened. It was extremely fast paced, exciting, and offensive (which makes for some of the best humor). However, some of the jokes fell flat in my opinion. They just weren't funny and/or were slightly corny. For example: "So P.P. has to hide and sneak around the house whenever he plays games with his peepee". I found this pretty juvenile and not that funny. But it seems the character in the story found it exceedingly hilarious. However, the book in general was pretty damn funny.

Although the book seems like a crude comedy, it was extremely well written from a grammatical standpoint. I don't think I found a single grammatical, spelling, or punctuational error in the story (although i did read it fast). Some parts of the writing were a bit annoying. For example, the author will add things like "<<SOUND EFFECT>>" and [WEARING A PAPER BAG OVER HIS HEAD]". These kinds of things should be shown and not told. If the author does things like this, it reads more as a playscript and less as a short story. However, the problems were not that big compared to the overall hilarity and entertaining time I had reading this. I'd give a 4 out of 4 stars.

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