Review by Mamatyler -- Man Mission by Eytan Uliel

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Review by Mamatyler -- Man Mission by Eytan Uliel

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[Following is a volunteer review of "Man Mission" by Eytan Uliel.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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I needed to understand the inner workings of the male brain, hence the choice, Man Mission. Ego mixed with adrenaline will drive men to do crazy things. This book is a statement of the declaration on the inner anatomy of male pride. How they develop their own customs & culture without words ever being uttered. These customs provide men all over the world with comfort, context, and regularity. The unspoken customs also give men a sense of purpose and completeness. Even when we, women see their customs as stupid and meaningless, men attach so much value and significance to them. The author declares that for all the men of the world, the road is the same "No matter where or what, it was always the same road, for all of us."

Does age ask for permission or does it just creep in unwelcomed? True to the Eytan’s life, the choices we make often lead to the life we live, good or bad. Man Mission follows four men throughout the many seasons of their lives. The author narrates their experiences in such a captivating way. He left no story untold. The central discussion and perception of this book is the idea that men and women bleed and hurt the same. I was of the opinion that men are hardwired to ignore emotional trauma. The book has changed my view of the male heart.

The book’s arrangement aids to keep the storyline vibrant, how Eytan would introduce his personal stories in between the adventure stories made it dynamic. The author’s choice of words to describe their experiences is wise, it keeps the reader engaged and yearning for more.

I enjoyed the book so much; I had so much to learn. Some feelings are basically assigned to women, so hearing a man state such was a bit of a shocker "Where once I had been filled with ambition and ideals, I was fast becoming jaded, worn out, and plain old bored. And angry--deeply, disturbingly angry--because obscurity was not what I’d signed up for." The one thing that is true about life is that we are all made-up of our life experiences, good or bad, sad or happy. The only choice we have is to make tomorrow better by the decisions we make today.

I often wondered (being a woman and all) if Rachel and the wife committee ever took some of the well-deserved vacations of their own. Now that’s a book I would look forward to. Man Mission has completely changed my view of men and the heavy burdens they bare in their souls secretly. "Alec had always been like a brother to me, and to see him that way--broken, beaten down, and then kicked in the face while lying in the dirt--was heart-wrenching.”

I loved Alec's attitude toward bouncing back. “Where not long before he had been bankrupt and heartbroken, he now nourished. His business was thriving, and he had wasted no time rebuilding his life with a new apartment, a new girlfriend, and a renewed bounce in his step."

Surely my negative view of men has been healed by having a closer look at the four men of Man Mission. Through the painful, negative and some gut-wrenching events of their lives, they survived. Laughing and occasionally crying their way through them. As a team, when one of them was hurting, together they felt pain.

In conclusion, I rate Man Mission 4 out of 4 stars. I didn’t find anything I disliked about it. It looks professionally edited – there were only a couple of insignificant mishaps. This book will surely appeal to men and women alike. It will give women some desired wisdom on how to handle the male ego. It will also enlighten other men on male pride, ego, value, and character.

Man Mission
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