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Official Review: Life Line

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Official Review: Life Line

Post Number:#1 by redibrd
» 29 Oct 2012, 21:24

[Following is the official review of "LIFE LINE" by David Forbes.]

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Life Line is a work of fiction by David Forbes.

Let me just say this...I really liked this book due to the fact that I could relate to a lot of what was written! Mr. Forbes writes about a divorced man who began dating again using online services. The main character, Josh is now a single man sharing custody of his son, and a man with a couple secrets.

The book follows Josh on his dating hits and misses in such a way that it is realistic, funny, serious, and sometimes heartbreaking. Along the way Josh has to fess up his secrets; 1) he has cheated on his wife, and 2) his daughter was murdered! Due to these confessions along the way determines how women perceive him. Some women totally turned off by the cheating, others are understanding because they also have cheated. The story of his murdered daughter however, in my opinion, could have been left out. It's only mentioned a few times and really seemed insignificant in his relationships (other than with his ex wife which is what ultimately became the reason of their divorce).

The story flowed very well and had a few surprises one of which involves one of his lady "friends" who is determined to believe that Josh is the worst man in the world! The ups and downs of Josh's relationships are similar to many who have used online dating services or even possibly to those who find other means to meet people.

I give this book a 4 out of 4 based on its readability, story line, and realistic characters. It's not a long novel but just long enough to have a story that begins and ends well without being too wordy or drawn out. The love story is endearing but not sickly sweet. There is also a bit of spice in the sex department too but not enough to make it porn like.

I really enjoyed reading Life Line and would like to read more from David Forbes.

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