Review by slbuchanan -- Man Mission by Eytan Uliel

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Review by slbuchanan -- Man Mission by Eytan Uliel

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[Following is a volunteer review of "Man Mission" by Eytan Uliel.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Man Mission by Eytan Uleil is a captivating and adventurous tale of four best friends in Australia. These lifelong friends take us on manly adventures all around the world, from hiking in New Zealand to biking in South Korea to exploring Machu Pichu in Peru to ice climbing in Iceland. Told from the perspective of one of the co-founding members of this little man club, the trip was born from an idea he and his best friend had in college. This idea turned into an annual trip with two more honorary members added to the man gang after their first expedition. Over the course of fifteen years, the group came to together once a year, even when things in their personal lives were on the rocks. They support each other through difficult life moments like divorce, bankruptcy, the death of a parent, a fractured ankle, and more. Each adventure varied in experience and carried its own lesson on what it truly means to be a man.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. As a woman, it was interesting to read the perspective of a man and the trials they commonly face throughout life. I appreciated the raw humanity within this book. The narrator was far from perfect and so are his friends, but you still find yourself rooting for all of them. I also enjoyed the humor and found myself chuckling at the slew of zingers and cheesy dad jokes. Because the narrator was catching up on life for all four men once a year, I feel like a lot of life experiences were left out or unanswered. There were a couple of moments, like what happened with Lara and Rachel, that I think could have used more elaboration. But for the sake of not writing a 2,000-page book, I can see why Uleil had to summarize what happened in their lives throughout that fifteen-year period fairly quickly.

I give Man Mission 4 out of 4 stars. Uleil did a wonderful job describing each place the group visited, with comical anecdotes and emotional elements included in each trip. There was suspense, heartbreak, and lots of male bonding. I found it very easy to read and hard to put down.

I think this book is ideal for men and women roughly between the ages of 21 and 60. It might be particularly interesting for men and women who are married with children. They begin their journey in this book at the beginning of their careers. It captures the process they all went through from boys just out of college to successful family men. I don't think this book would resonate as much with anyone under the age of 20 but they still might find it interesting and slightly humorous.

Man Mission was written and edited immaculately. I did not see any typos. There is a decent amount of profane language used in the dialogue, starting with the f-bomb on page 7 and consistently dropping them throughout the book as well as some others.

This book is an easy read and inspirational perspective on what truly matters in life. It also sheds some light on the male ego, masculine emotion, and the trials many men face as they get older. It highlights the importance of friendship, community, and adventure. I highly recommend checking it out!

Man Mission
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