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Official Review: Cary the Moon Across the Sky

Posted: 10 Jun 2019, 21:45
by bluegreenmarina
[Following is an official review of "Cary the Moon Across the Sky" by Jillian Rose.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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Carry the Moon Across the Sky by Jillian Rose is a story of spiritual and emotional awakening. Told from the perspective of Selena, a young woman living in New York City, it follows her life and inner thoughts after a life-changing encounter with a man named Arun.

We meet Selena as she is processing her grief over the loss of a dear friend, and simultaneously seeking guidance for a new direction in her life. Her introduction to Arun, though at first focused on business matters, leaves her breathless and questioning her perceptions of the world in which she had grown complacent. He offers a new perspective and a respite from her grief, and she is inexplicably magnetized by his presence. Unable to explain these feelings, Selena experiences rushes of euphoria, fear, and contemplation as she seeks to incorporate these roused senses into her larger experience of life.

Despite their immediate connection all does not go smoothly, and as their liaison comes to a halt, Selena is left with searing pain and nagging questions. Against her will, she is launched onto a spiritual journey of self-discovery, at times so raw and unnerving that it threatens to sweep her off her feet. Through the lenses of her newly opened eyes, Selena must re-examine the other important relationships in her life and determine what (or whom) exactly she is seeking.

This book starts strong, with breathless poetic prose that sweeps the reader up into a whirlwind of raw and honest emotion. The writer’s style is very introspective, and many pages are spent on the inner processing and turmoil that Selena experiences as she faces the various elements of her life. In the beginning, while the bulk of the action unfolds, this introspection balances nicely with the events of the plot. However, as we get deeper into the story, some of the introspective monologues begin to feel repetitive, like not much progress is being made in the character’s journey. For example, Selena spoke of a certain form of fear and anxiety that affected her for several months of her life, and for quite a large portion of the book it appeared that the writing was stalled by these elements in much the same way that Selena’s life had been stalled by them.

Nonetheless, the action does pick up again, tying up the loose ends of the plot neatly. Though the plot of the book itself is fairly straightforward, much of the journey lies in the contemplations and personal revelations relayed by the author, as they are experienced by Selena. Though the storyline focuses largely on romance and love, I would hesitate to recommend this book to fans of the typical romance genre. It is a very pensive novel, and I would suggest it to readers who enjoy spiritual and metaphysical works and are open to exploring different ideas about the concept of self and the soul. I rate this book 3 out of 4 stars.

Cary the Moon Across the Sky
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Re: Official Review: Cary the Moon Across the Sky

Posted: 11 Jun 2019, 15:09
by phills
Cary the Moon Across the Sky:
BY Jillian Rose
This genre is classified as romance it exposes the life of a lady by name Selina, her rigorous encounter in life, her loses and her becoming delusion of the life she actually found herself in
I like the story. The characters were carefully arranged and also exposed in a careful manner

Re: Official Review: Cary the Moon Across the Sky

Posted: 12 Jun 2019, 09:45
by kandscreeley
This one definitely sounds like it would be emotional and a journey throughout. It seems more character-driven. I'm just not sure it's one for me. Thanks for the review, though.

Re: Official Review: Cary the Moon Across the Sky

Posted: 13 Jun 2019, 04:40
by Scarlet Nicoll
Sounds like a book that I could look forward to dig into. Thanks!