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Review by Ghost11111 -- Randy your service

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[Following is a volunteer review of "Randy your service" by Shay Carter.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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Randy Love…at your service by Shay Carter is a comical story of a charming young man with absolutely no common sense who does whatever he deems necessary to stay afloat. John and Marjorie Love start out with a solid plan for how they wanted their life to unfold: only have two children with a five-year gap in between and then travel the world on a yacht after John retired. This plan goes horribly awry when Marjorie gets pregnant for a third time when her first child, Heather, had just graduated Cambridge and her second child, James, had just started sixth form. The newest addition was a rambunctious child named Randy who would have had pretty easy life if he didn’t manage to mess up everything he touched. The book centers on his escapades around his love life, his career, his living predicaments and his finances.

The main character, Randy Love, reminded me of the character, Anthony DiNozzo, from the show NCIS since they were both from well off families, lusted after attractive women and seemed to always get themselves into trouble, yet they were never to blame. Randy’s muscular appearance seemed to draw the ladies towards him like a magnet whereupon he would administer his special brand of “Randy charm” that could make a woman’s clothes magically dissolve and get Randy anything he wanted such as sex, a job, or a place to stay.

One of the downsides of this book was the overwhelming amount of British references and terminology. At certain points it was hard to tell if there were any spelling or grammatical errors simply due to the difference in British English dialect and American English dialect such as the use of the word tyre instead of tire. Even with the index in the back, I was constantly looking up different terms such as bunny boiler, wanker and sod it. Overall it was a fairly easy read except for the pub banter between Randy and his friends where the jargon was very hard to comprehend for anyone outside of England and possibly the entire UK.

Another turnoff to the book was the abrupt conclusion that felt like just another chapter ending and not the grand finale. The author should have spent more time with the conclusion by going into more detail about this part of Randy’s life or create a better cliff hanger effect so the audience knows that the end has come and doesn’t flip to the next page looking for the next chapter. Conversely, the author also could have included an Epilogue at some undisclosed time in the far future to show how life turned out for Randy and the rest of the Love clan.

I give this book 3 out of 4 stars. It was a very good book but it was hard to read without having to constantly look up the meaning of various British words, references, and expressions. There were also a few grammatical errors but overall it appeared to be well written and edited. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is interested in British romantic/erotic books as well as satirical comedy.

Randy your service
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