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Re: You Tube trailer

Post by La Cabra »

My opinion might be a bit unpopular but, aahh I didn't like the way the trailer was put together very much. I like the script, the narrator is good. Background is quite enough to add the intended feeling of creepy fantasy without disturbing the narration.
But the narration could've been more suspenseful with the right pauses along with matching the images in the video as the come on.
Still, it's not bad and I'm sure the target audience would find it quite intriguing.

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Post by Monet_va »

I loved how eerie the voice in the trailer was. I found it really intriguing and it's what made me choose to read this book. I loved how mysterious and fantastical it felt and I think it was done really well.

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Post by MirageP »

cpru68 wrote:
01 Oct 2019, 14:38
I am struggling with this book because I’m having a difficult time visualizing what I am reading. I usually don’t have that problem. The trailer seemed to make clear the premise of the story with the illustrations from the story. I guess I’m not impressed, and maybe I am the wrong demographic for this story. It’s just not resonating with me. I know there have been comments that it is similar to Harry Potter, but why not be something new? I am going to finish it. I’m just hoping I get to a point where I’m liking it. The trailer was okay but not jaw dropping.
I agree with your views. Also, I was unable to find any parallels with Harry Potter in the trailer.
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Post by justjim »

The trailer for The Crystilleries of Echoland is very well done. It's compelling and really got me interested in finding out more about the story. The narrater's voice didn't impress me much, but other than that I liked it.
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Post by ronmathewalx »

The voice is somewhat spooky however the visuals were not that creepy because I had already seen the pictures in the book. The trailer, however, was good(overall).

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Post by B_evans »

I was a little uncomfortable throughout this trailer. This is disappointing since I appreciated the story description and artwork, but the woman's voice and tone did not watch the mood of the book at all. She tried too hard to be whimsical and ended up sounding almost seductive and evil. They should have used the same man that narrated the audiobook version, B.J. Harrison.

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Post by PRECIOUSreads »

The trailer was a little too creepy for my taste. The voice over was sooo eerie. Although I did watch the entire thing so maybe it wasn't that bad.

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