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ARA Review by hsprings of Raven's Peak

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[Following is an ARA Review of the book, Raven's Peak.]
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4 out of 5 stars
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Raven’s Peak by Lincoln Cole is an action-packed thriller that’ll keep you on your toes with your mind constantly guessing. The story follows Abigail, a kickass young woman who fights demons and the like to save the world with Buffy the Vampire Slayer like skill, and Haatim, an unassuming young man who graduated with a degree he has no idea what to do with. The unlikely pair wind up traveling around the country doing epic battle with demons and searching for answers to more than a few questions. The mysterious happenings at Raven’s Peak are explored through the brief points of view of three other characters, adding depth and intrigue to an already murky situation.

I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars because although it was written well with very few typos or other errors, I found it quite confusing at times and a tiny bit rushed. The prologue, in particular, really boggled my mind. I can handle a bit of uncertainty while reading, i.e., I fully support the showing instead of telling method of creating a story, but this took showing to another level. I want to be woven up in a story and feel as though I belong, but I cannot do that if I am standing around struggling to figure out what exactly is going on.

Thankfully, beginning with chapter one and increasingly throughout the book, I started putting the pieces together and was able to enjoy the story. It effectively kept me on the edge of my seat with action scene after action scene. Ironically, these action scenes were the easiest parts to follow, and I thoroughly enjoyed cheering Abigail on. I appreciated her as a strong, independent female lead and hope more books will follow this example. The cliffhanger at the end also has me looking forward to reading the next installment of the series.

The first interlude, about halfway through the novel, was written from the point of view of a twelve-year-old boy. In my opinion, it was the worst portion of the story. I believe it was written as if the boy had written it, which was why it came across as repetitive and honestly pretty awful. I remember reading the words “out here” over and over again for pages, as if the boy’s thoughts were on a loop. I think it is important to remember that, though a character may be young, the writer is still well within their rights to filter their thoughts. The first Harry Potter book was written from the point of view of an eleven-year-old, and it was not written this way.

Most conversely, the second interlude was absolutely my favorite portion of the book. The group of college kids gave me a Cabin in the Woods feel and what happened to them was so gripping my tea got cold as I frantically plowed through the pages. All in all, I think this book could be improved with a little more explanation at the beginning and by fixing that one small interlude. Other than that, it was a thrilling, blood pumping mystery, one I am happy to have read.

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