ARA Review by PVL Sailaja of And Then I Met Margaret

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ARA Review by PVL Sailaja of And Then I Met Margaret

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[Following is an ARA Review of the book, And Then I Met Margaret.]
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4 out of 5 stars
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In And Then I Met Margaret, Rob White takes a walk down his memory lane narrating amusing anecdotes and snippets about people who played a very important part in challenging his established way of thinking and opened up newer horizons for him as a person.

The people he describes as his 'gurus' range from people, acquaintances, relatives and friends you would meet everyday in your life to motivational speakers, thinkers and philosophers. There are twenty-one stories describing transformative moments in Mr. White's life.

Every chapter begins with "The myth I believed" and ends with "The reality I discovered" where he shares the multiple moments of epiphany he discovered with these inimitable people. He explains how he learnt something new from each of these experiences in life. In some stories, the epiphany is striking and momentarily stuns us. In most of the stories, it is gradual and something that you sort of grow into. I was personally touched by Aunt Theresa's story and her kindness of heart.

Mr. White's writing style is warm, endearing and homely. He adopts a very leisurely pace. His choice of vocabulary is appropriate for the subject. It is a nice and refreshing two hour read from which everyone could learn something about life and also see a small part of themselves in this journey. Most of the stories bring a smile to your lips. A few of them make you poignant and thoughtful.

I would rate the book 4 out of 5 because though the stories themselves were inspiring and motivational, I expected a bit more explanation and interpretation on Mr. White's part about the realities he discovered through these experiences.

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